The best unexpected tea (dinner if you're a softlad) is, without doubt...

…hot dogs.

It’s true. I’ve nailed it again.

You forget about them, because they’re a sort of middle ground between normal tea and takeaway.

None of this dirty food shite, just some fluffy finger rolls, cheap dogs, ketchup, little bit of mustard, few onions fried up if you can be arsed, but not necessary.

Reckon i remember they’re a thing about twice a year.




have to agree.

hot dogs using just normal bread, with the dogs lengthways is great too.

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Had a tin of hotdogs and a tin of spaghetti hoops as a lunch the other day. I’ve either run out of meal ideas or lockdown has frazzled my brain.

  • boil the dawgs
  • stick them in the microwave for 30 secs

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I got so excited about this thread I tried to send a voice message reply.


Fuckin’ right man. It’s rare to be able to find the chicken frankfurters but we had a Mozza’s delivery this week with two packs and some Warburton’s soft hot dog rolls, such a great dinner. Delicious, no washing up, no fucking about. Perfect.


using sliced bread instead of a bun:

  • fine
  • nah

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Frying pan you fucking savage.

Posts like this are one of the worst things about this website.


What the fuck?

Just empty the jar and top it up with boiling water.

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those massive polish sausages you get in most off licences that taste like frankfurters I’d do in the pan.

regular hot dogs are wayyy too thin, and its a pain in the arse.

That’s a sausage sandwich. Not a hot dog.

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Weiners per roll

  • One Weiner - Civilised but repressed
  • Two Weiners - Shagger
  • Three Weiners - Icarus
  • More than three Weiners - Liar

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good when you stack them with corn and salsa and stuff. really don’t get the most out of them in this part of the world

I politely disagree and would suggest a cheese and crisp sandwich instead

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Stick 'em in with the onions. Don’t get the jar ones anyway, these lads




They’re the ones (but chicken instead, green branding)

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