The best unexpected tea (dinner if you're a softlad) is, without doubt...

honestly, the veggie dogs are as good or better than meat ones. literally no difference in taste.


Gonna try some sauerkraut on them next time.

What girth of weiner we talking about here?

I’ll tell you what a great lunch is, #pal

Get some of those (Polish, French, German, whatever) pan fry them, serve on a proper bread (Polish black bread’s best) with fresh soured cream and fresh chopped chives. In ma phucken belleh. 10/10.

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Yeah we’ve had them too, not bad at all. I like the ‘jumbo’ version of the pork ones too.

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Please see the Funkman’s post above and then my reply to that post for the specific weiners in question.

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:pray: :pray: :pray:

doubt it. the meat content in hot dogs is negligible to begin with anyway

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Thank you for your kind and advisory post.

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I like to slice down the dog. One, sometimes two per roll.

Less chance of spillage. Sturdier.

Could really go a hotdiggitydawg from the bbq at a community gathering or sporting event rn.

Nothing worse than having hotdogs but no rolls*, telling yourself it will be fine with slices of bread. No.

  • Shutup.
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Absolute king of the rolls

hot dogs used to be my go to hangover meal. obviously never had the foresight to buy buns, so got used to sticking them in bread. it’s fine. good even.

  • There are clearly 3 buns in this 6 pack
  • There are two levels of dog buns in this pack.

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Anyone, and I do mean anyone, putting their dogs in a brioche roll needs a good slap.

My hangover meal is Smash, bakes beans, cheese and sometimes scrambled egg.

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Love things that like, where they name them specifically for what they’re designed for. I’m a sucker for it.


apart from at football stadiums, hot dogs at events are typically a british sausage in a bun. therefore, not a hot dog.

sounds like effort.