The Beths 2022

Best Left is an absolute belter of a song. Up there for 2022 SOTY.


Had never heard anything by them before this album and now I’m a bit obsessed.


Wholesome content:


I need to get in on the album as Expert in a Dying Field is the first guitar song I’ve really properly loved in a very long time.


God, this band. Probably the last band I really got “into” before having a baby, so they really sound like my pre-baby life, which means I get a bit teary when I listen to them. Even the new album, cos it just sounds like The Beths. I think we also had one of their songs on our birthing playlist. Memories of seeing them live (joyous), discovering them in late 2018 and then their 2020 soundtracking the weirdness of the second part of that locked-down year. Lovely band, lovely music.

Anywhere I can buy a t-shirt in the UK?


Redbubble do a few, don’t know how “official” they are

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Next time they tour I’ll grab you one if I remember/you remind me

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Don’t think they’ve got a UK merch shop online but the US one ( has a few shirts. Shipping is 11 dollars which isn’t too bad.

Knees Deep makes me so happy every time


Listened to this 3 times straight driving back across the country from Lancaster today after dropping daughter at Uni.

:sob: :sob: :sob:

Was a mess. Hope I haven’t ruined the album for myself.

It is absolutely tremendous, and is in equal measures an understanding companion on a sad day, and a thrilling, life affirming joy on a better day



This has immediately become one of my favourite songs ever


Think this is my favourite from the latest album too

Edit: but there are a few contenders as the whole thing is great


Can’t remember the last record I bought where I can’t decide if it’s more fun to discuss the lyrics or the guitar sounds. Both are things of exquisite beauty. Even the riff in Passing Rain, which should be rubbish is completely irresistible. They don’t seem to give a stuff about genre/cool, and they’re perfect.

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