The Big Bad DiS Hot Drink Race 2017 - Preparation Polling Thread

Hello, friends. As some of you may have witnessed elsewhere, our good friend @sadpunk has come up with an excellent idea wherein all of us prepare our favoured hot drink at the same time on the same day and each post at the exact moment when the beverage becomes the optimum temperature for the drinker.

This ISN’T that thread, but is a preparatory poll to ensure that we get the timing right for maximum participation. So with all the above in mind, please vote in the poll below the time at which preparation of a hot drink is optimum for you, the information will be collated by the higher-ups and a new thread will be opened for the event itself:

  • 0900hrs
  • 0930hrs
  • 1000hrs
  • 1030hrs
  • 1100hrs
  • 1130hrs

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Thanks Ant - lovely to see this moving.

I can be pretty flexible as I guzzle coffee all day, but I picked 11am as it’s the clearest time in my diary for most days next week.

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could do 9am or 11am tbh

For the sake of ironing out the kinks early, I think it would be wise to go with the latter time in the event of a close-call given the ability for early drinkers to push their drink back which is not necessarily possible in the reverse?

I think you’re right Anthony

Thank you for your support Nichola

I have amended my vote accordingly

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I don’t think I can participate in this Tone because I don’t really wait for an optimum temperature. Once the coffee has been brewed long enough I’ll just start going at it.

I wish you well with this thread but it’s certainly not for me.

We should also decide on an optimum day for the big event:

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday

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I normally go out for coffee in the 10:30-11:30 window

Your response would still be valid, this is the information that this event would hope to glean tbf.

Do you think you could commit to a firm time on one day next week for the sake of the community?

I will commit.
Thanks Tone for organizing.


Must warn you though. I drink my tea pretty cold.

Please don’t thank me, thank @sadpunk I’m merely performing administrative duties for his superb idea.


An idea is nothing without the team that make it happen, Tone.

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The event will take place at 1100hrs on Monday November 6th 2017

A thread for the event will be opened nearer the time. Thanks for your input everyone.


Thanks again, Poco.

Very much looking forward to seeing the results and playful bantzzz we get out of this on Monday.

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but the water temperatures might be different in different places and some mugs might conduct the heat better than others andwontsomebodythinkofthechildren