The Big DiS Cookbook (Hardship Fund Fundraiser) SUBMISSIONS NOW CLOSED!

Hello! I’ve had an idea to help put some extra cash in the hardship fund coffers during these tough times to help out anyone who might find themselves hit by the effects of the shutdown etc.
The one thing we all agree on here I think is that food is fucking great, and we have lots of very talented cooks/bakers and that amongst us. With this in mind I am launching the Big DiS Cookbook.


If you would like to submit a recipe, maybe something passed down to you or that you invented or just something you really love, for a dish, meal, drink or something baked then please DM it to me in a ‘traditional’ recipe format with a list of ingredients/measurements followed by a method, perhaps with a few words about why it’s so good or something, and a picture if you can. I will then collate all these into a digital cookbook.


Once the deadline to submit recipes has passed and I’ve gathered them all up (probably as a PDF or Word doc, whichever people want), anyone who wants one can DM me for a link to a PayPal money pool and provide their email address so I can send a copy. The ‘book’ will cost a small donation to the hardship fund, the amount of which I’ll put to a poll.

Please feel free to make suggestions of anything you think needs tweaking with this or tell me if it’s a terrible idea. Cheers!


How much should this cost?

  • £1
  • £2
  • £3
  • £4
  • £5
  • More than £5

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I think a fiver and then people who are unwaged/short of cash can get a free download?


Yeah did think that’d be a good idea.

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I’d happily design it if you want.


All of my recipes are basically stolen is that ok?


Are you sure? I was planning to use Word on my phone so not ideal!

I said baked goods were fine :crazy_face:


Absolutely up for submitting into this. Will DM you tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Sure, always wanted to do a cookbook and currently have quite a lot of time on my hands and need to be productive…


Very up for this. Love a bit of cooking. My recipe for what I call ‘Thai Lime Death-soup’ needs a home.


Ah man, there are some boss cooks on here. So in. Will submit a veggie curry recipe tomorrow

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Have DMed you.

Omg I am IN like Rick SteIN

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Come the weekend I will get in with this, got a couple of things that are right nice (I’m not much of a cook, but I have a couple of tasty things I can share)

Actually, that’s a point - are we looking for fancy, or will a sort of Poundstretcher Nigel Slater approach fly too?

I think a ‘pay what you want’ model with a suggested donation of £10 is reasonable - especially if you get lots and lots of contributions.

I don’t think £10 is unreasonable for something with 30-40 recipes in, especially if it’s nicely designed.


Personally this is the approach I favour.

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It’s all I know to be honest

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Anything you like. Would be good to get a mix.

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Fortuitously I found my long-lost Perfect Cheese Scone recipe today. Is this too generic or interesting enough? (I may be able to think of better options)