The Big DiS Cookbook (Hardship Fund Fundraiser) SUBMISSIONS NOW CLOSED!


  • bread (2 slices)
  • crunchy peanut butter
  • mature cheddar
  • hot sauce (optional)

Really like the idea of this and other DiS classic recipes like SOAWJO included and presented nicely with some pretentious food writer spiel prefacing them.


I discovered this recipe through my extensive travelling in North East Essex in my formative years…

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Could do a basic hot sauce recipe maybe? :thinking:


Yeah that’d be good, a bit different to the rest.

(adjusts bowtie)


If I change - say - a large handful of coriander for a medium sized handful of coriander, that’s my recipe, right?

I could submit a few recipes if so. Maybe a few recipes on a theme


Might keep it to one per person to start with, see how we get on.

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No worries. I’ll probably hang back and leave it to people who are slightly less in danger of infringing copyright law.

Nooooo we need something from you in there. Just change a couple of amounts or something.

Gonna keep this bumped.

@NeilYoung be good to get something from you too.

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Hey cool! I’ll have to think up something and get back to you, but great idea.

Always willing to donate to the community as well. :+1:

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This is a great idea. Almost started a recipe swap thread the other day.

Will have a think about recipes, current front runner in my mind is a peach massaman curry. Although could do something sweet if you have had loads of savories.

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Either will be fine, thank you!

Weekend bump

Gonna be genuinely a bit gutted if this doesn’t happen through lack of interest.


I have a Sri Lankan mango curry I’ll send.

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I can bang a couple more over if you need any?

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Yeah may well do. I’ll give it a couple more days then let you know, thanks!