The big DiS kettle thread

This one goes out to my main man @NeilYoung

Show me your kettles please, and also tally how many times you use it tomorrow. And for what. Maybe pop a post it next to it, so you can keep track. For example, today my kettle usage was as follows;
5 x coffees
1 x tea
1 x boiled egg
Total kettle uses = 7

Here’s mine, I really love her. A lovely mint green. She matches my toaster and microwave. It was love at first sight when I saw her in Dunelm. 10% student discount as well, it was meant to be <3

Really excited about this one friends, it’s gonna be a good one!



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Whoa look at that thing, a little temperature gauge on it and everything! What a world!

Don’t have a kettle sorry

Nice kettle though

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All right so I’m going to have a lot of questions on kettles, as I’m not used to them here but fascinated by them. On yours why is the handle above the steam pot? Surely you would never want to hold it and pop the top, could burn yourself!

Should handle be on the side



WHAT?! Ffs

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Not my kettle, my friends

Only used it twice today but had loads of tea at work

(was tempted to be naked in the reflection but I’ve let yas off)


wow look at all the tea you could make with that bad boy!

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It’s just an aesthetics thing, throwback to old fashioned kettles that would go on top of a stove I think.
It doesn’t burn me at all! All the steam comes out of the spout on the left! The lid is very sturdy, no steam escapes

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I will show you my kettle tomorrow before work, you have my word. It will be used once tomorrow, to boil some water to cook green beans in. I’ll have coffee at work all day and Mrs F isn’t on hotdrinksbook.


@kermitwormit that is a very, very nice kettle.

my kettle is a boring plastic one which as here when we moved in. when i move out i’m gonna get a really nice one.

mainly use it for warming espresso cups, filling the mop bucket, rinsing the sink - cups of tea when people are round.

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Holy cow you can do all sorts of things with kettles eh? Crazy times.


What? sweeeet!

I thought all kettles just hissed steam when your tea was ready. WHAT A WORLD!


My kettle is red. Cannae remember what brand it is. I estimate it will be boiled four (4) times tomorrow, but this is of course TBC.

Here are some bonus work kettles. They come in pairs, two holding 6,500L of 8% booze and two holding 4,500L of 25% booze.


This is some STUNNING #KettleKontent

Thank you so much!!


I will never be cold at work with these uninsulated bad boys running constantly :smiley:

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Obviously the bottom kettles are boss. However I like the top kettle because your thumb utilizes it for easy pop top. Very nice kettleing indeed!