The Big DiS Petitions Thread

Hi there! Here’s a thread where you can, like in real life, start a petition, but about stuff on DiS. How it will work is thusly:
Put forward your motion in bold then outline why you think it’s a good idea. If your proposal gets more than 20 ‘signatures’, in this case signified by liking the post (so 20+ likes) then it’ll get a poll to decide whether or not it passes into law. Let’s please please keep it light-hearted and civil though, for your Uncle Funky’s sake.

First up, Hoogy Poll Badge Petition I would like to petition that @aboynamedgoo be given a special badge by the mods in recognition of his dedicated and unswerving service to always, always picking the comedy or contrarian option in polls. Like this post to sign the petition.

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Is naming two badges not a bit much?

  • Contrarian option
  • Comedy option

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It won’t be named after you, merely awarded to you. I’m selling the naming rights to it.

Will they be serving champagne at the awards night?

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Yes, and middle eastern food with unpronouncable names.

Sign me up!


I would like to create a petition for a Late Night Crew Badge. I’m 5 hours behind UK folks so its nice to chat with some (Funkhouser, Bam, and Chrorizo Pasta first ballot) who are up late over there!


The neighs have it.

I’ll prorogue DiS if I need to.

Got loopholes on my side

You can have a virtual pony.

Alright, Ginuwine.

@xylo would like a pony

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Why must you be this way?