The Big HGATR200 Charity Prize Draw! ENTRY DEADLINE 9PM TONIGHT!!!

Hello! In a little while we’ll be hitting the big 200 threads in the HGATR series so I’ve decided to hand it over to one of you.
In the absence of the raffle (where this would have been a prize) this year, I’m going to run a prize draw for the chance to choose the artist and run the thread for the 200th How Good Are They Really. The thread is due to appear in late January, but for reasons I’m about to explain, I’m launching the draw now.


The entry fee is set at a minimum of £2.50, but if you can donate more for your entry then that would be lovely. 100% of the proceeds will go to this incredible charity that sends Christmas presents to children in mental health hospital wards

Please enter and donate using the PayPal money pool here

PLEASE ADD A NOTE WITH YOUR DiS USERNAME TO YOUR DONATION as this will be the list I work from to do the draw.

The deadline for entries will be Tuesday December 8th at 9pm with the draw to take place the following day.

Please feel free to suggest any tweaks or additional prizes or whatever. Cheers everyone!


@moderators could you pin this please?


If anyone has an artist they really really want to cover should they win then please let me know so I can avoid doing them beforehand.

I’ve got a few so it’s okay

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As ever you are one of the best @anon19035908


I am, as ever, just in it for the notifications.


I’m in it to win it! Great cause!

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Is the minimum vote requirement going to be waived?

I mean I don’t want people picking truly obscure random stuff for he lols but I’m presuming there’ll be some leeway?

Yeah I mean it’ll need to be someone a fair few people will know but there is more scope to go niche for sure.

One more point, if you want to donate but remain anonymous then please just send me a screenshot or something in a DM here and I’ll add you in.

Gonna do a second Slayer thread if I win :crossed_fingers:


Still on the fence about whether to allow the option to redo an existing thread.

allowed, but the thread title must be “how shit are they really”



well up for this. if i win i am gonna do Bob Dylan again and manipulate all the votes so that he gets an average score of 5 from all of you, that includes you @Bamnan
:slight_smile: :wink:


Can confirm that the winner WILL have the option to redo an existing thread.

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Just thought, please feel free to donate if you don’t want to enter the draw, the more £££ the merrier.

ha shit was about to contribute on my phone and realised paypal wanted me to confirm on an old number, I’ll figure it out!

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A big thank you to everyone that’s entered this so far, it’s shaping up very nicely :heart: