The Big HGATR200 Charity Prize Draw! ENTRY DEADLINE 9PM TONIGHT!!!

Thank you Mr 69.

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Seeing as I do the HGIIR threads already I think the choice of the 200th thread should go to someone else but I’ve donated anyway (anonymously so that I’m excluded from the draw)

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Thank you! Don’t think anyone would be bothered if you change your mind and want to be included!


in this economy i’m not surprised!

any suggestions, tech bods? i’m already using a VPN…

Could just do a normal PayPal to me and I’ll add it to the pool?

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sounds like a plan. can you DM me your details?

Would like to donate but cba to do a thread, can I donate then if I win can I choose who to give the grand prize to?

I could just donate quietly of course but I’d rather have another DiSer indebted to me :sunglasses:

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You can either donate and not enter the draw at all, or enter then do whatever you like with the prize, I’ll be halfway to Mexico with everyone’s cash by then.


*Legal disclaimer: I will not actually.

Ty Funky :heartpulse:

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Damn just seen this and I’m too late :pensive:


Ha read that as November 8th! Idiot Friday brain!

Yay a chance for Jason Molina to have his thread!

Thanks @anon19035908


I hope you win

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So true :+1:

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18 entrants so far!


Now kicking myself for not just doing lots of donations of 69p each


i know so little of him would be good to have that HGATR threads on him

@Gnometorious thank you :kissing_heart: would you like to be in the draw or not?

Yes please, if I can gift the prize to someone else?
I never win anything anyway.

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