The big JC (John Carpenter) tour


So, who then? Who is going to see John Carpenter?? I’m going this Saturday! Yipee. I can’t wait.


yep. Halloween. spoooooooookkkkky!

(I won’t be going in fancy dress: fuck that shit)


+1 for the Halloween show.

Almost certainly will be going in fancy dress…


Tell me your costume plans immediately :slight_smile: Where is the Halloween show? I’m guessing London? JEALOUS.


Haha yay! You could at least wear a festive t-shirt. Or bring a large flaming pumpkin.


Halloween show is indeed London (The Troxy).

Undecided on costume plans currently. Girlfriend is going as one of the animal people from the ending of The Wicker Man, but don’t think I’ll coordinate with her necessarily…


I’ll wear an eye-patch if I must.

Also, I’ll be arriving in a cadillac with chandeliers on the hood


You could go as Britt Ekland.




I’m also going to the Halloween show. Probably not in costume, but I will be wearing my Silver Shamrock Novelties t-shirt. I’m unbelievably excited about all this.


Ah man, that is very cool. I want a novelty horror related tshirt. Find one for me that is totally awesome and I will give you five hundred shiny pennies! Or fifty golden squids. OR something nice. Do it.


Mine looks like this:

but there are plenty of assorted JC-themed shirts out there. These guys do good work:
and this site has a whole Halloween range but is in the States so you may struggle to get delivery in time:


Ooo!! That’s really cool. I like it. It’s a shame you’re not coming to the Edinburgh gig. I could have totally spied on you and you would have never known! Thanks for the links!

I’ve been looking at a Blood on Satan’s Claw tshirt for a while, but I’d love a Carpenter related film tshirt. I also wanted to make a tshirt with my name on it! (All of them Witches, not my actual name). I’ve seen a few similar ones but they’re not quite right!


Here it is, let me force it upon you. haha.


That site has some well good shirts. I can forsee wasting much cash there. Etsy is the BEST for unnecessary purchases. Today I am wearing a cardigan that I customised with these iron-on patches of angry cats with switchblades:


Haha!!! Oh god, it’s awful isn’t it? I bought a rug for over a 100 quid the other week and really, I don’t need it. It’s a weird rug. Why did I buy it!?! I’m hoping I’ll fall mad in love with it upon its eventual arrival.

I’ve excitedly found a tshirt in one of your links! -

I love Black Phillip.

Edit: P.S. Those patches are cool :slight_smile:


I’ll be at the Manchester gig this sat :slight_smile:


Eek! Are ya sure? It’s the Edinburgh gig this Sat! You had me panicking for a sec there…

Let me just triple check that again…


Shit sorry, you’re absolutely right


That’s an awesome shirt. And I hope an awesome rug?

I was tempted to buy a Black Phillip sticker from this place:

But instead I bought this Hausu one:

and this badass RoboCop one to put all over my laptop: