The Big Lie

Inspired by my suggestion that @AQOS should just choose a new birthday.

What massive lie do you think you could introduce into your life and manage to stick to forever?

Is it something as unchallenging as claiming to have lived next door to the Derby County youth team coach or something as ambitious as having discovered a method for producing cold fusion? Or somewhere in between.

Having second thoughts about this thread already.

Used to pretend that Charlie from Casualty was my dad

It’s quite believable


Reckon I could pretend that I once played under 14s cricket against rag n bone man, and that I bowled him first ball


I used to live next door to the Derby County youth team coach


I once threw a tennis ball over a house and caught it on the other side

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I’m having flashbacks to one of those icebreaker exercises you have to do on team awaydays.



You must have been on the other side then. Our house was nicer.

Shit. Turns out rag n bone man is 34!? Think I’ve fucked it

Got sent an Arctic Monkeys demo tape when I did record label stuff, thought it was unremarkable so binned it.



used to seem like we lived in a time where a small obscure lie would be beileved because nobody would go to the effort to make it up but social media has taught us that people will do anything for attention so I don’t see the point in lying about anything

yeah nice try Mr Sneaky.

Used to pretend I was the drummer in Foals

^ actually lives in Somerset, not Northants

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how dare you!

(somerset is probably quite nice)

Somerset people elect Jacob Rees Mogg.

so about the same as here then

This doesn’t count unless you continuously pretend to be the drummer in Foals until death.

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“here” being Somerset then. I think we’ve got him cornered here everyone.


+ Exmoor
+ Nice coastline
+ general rolling countryside

- Squaddies
- Rural poverty
- some really shit towns

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