The Big Lie

when I say I’m going to Corby it’s just a euphemism.


“I’m going to a cider-making factory”
“Is it a pressing engagement?”

still works (kind of)

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I like this one but I do prefer GET ON WITH IT!

Used to tell people my dad invented brine. Actually convinced 1 (one) person that this was true.


Also convinced someone that the inner liner for endtroducing was made out of belly button fluff.

Good knock.

A friend of mine used to date Charlie from Casualty’s son :open_mouth:

I thought you looked familiar…


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My friend claimed he was the first person to ever get off at the recently opened Kirkstall Forge train station.

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Good one!

Once tried claiming I was distantly related to that farmer who lives in the middle of the M62


OK OK I get that you all have solid track records of historic lying, but the question I posed was what the biggest lie you think you could get away with forever is.

That I know what I’m doing at work and am not constantly in a mild state of anxiety that people will call me out for the charlatan that I am any second now.

Now we’re sucking diesel!

Also, that I don’t suck diesel.

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That I invented post-its.

How did you go about selling your idea to 3M?

Had to revisit the small claims thing I made against my former housemate because the online portal lost my response, in checking his admission form I find out my housemate was several years older than he claimed, he was older than me not a few years younger as he said, checked on a records website and it wasn’t a typo. Even though it was a lie that didn’t affect me in any way it has really creeped me out, just something about the ease of casual lying, several other things seem sus in hindsight that were probably lies too

This is both cool and not cool.

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