The Big Mix CD exchange Part 3

Here we go again. A theme - if you wish to embrace it - is COVER VERSIONS. If you don’t, that’s fine choose you own theme. That’s fine.

Here’s the thread from last time to show how much fun it all is:

Copied and pasted from there as nothing has changed:

…PM me your address and I’ll pair you up with recipient(s). By signing up it would be nice if you sent CD(s) of fantastic music ideally with a groovy sleeve to your recipient(s). You should receive the same number of discs back as you send out. You have the option of having a multi-swap where I send you (up to) 5 addresses to send discs to, or just a single disc swap. Please let me know what you prefer (if you don’t mention I’ll assume you’re up for the multi-person swaps)…

I’ll give it a week or so to collect addresses and then start pairing up. Feel free to ask questions.

I’m on for the multi-swap again, the last one was great craic.
Think you have my details from last time but I’ll send a pm anyway.:+1:

Will PM address.

I’m in for this. Multi swap, why not, why not

Single swap for me - I might not get involved in the cover versions but I’ll definitely send something.

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Yeah why not, multi-swap this time please, ta!

Single swap for me please and I’m going with new beginnings as a theme…

I have a feeling I’m going to regret this but… Multi swap!

Multi swap BUT I also need to provide feedback from last time still :+1:

I’m in for a multi

I’m in. Five is too many for me - I don’t mind sending out multiple copies but I’ll never have time to properly listen to and give feedback on 5. Would it be possible to do 2 or 3? If not, the single swap.

Agree, sent on five but owe feedback on three!

In for a multi-swap, but I’d rather go for 3 than 5 if at all possible

I still owe feedback on the first exchange!

Thanks for the PMs everyone, still room for plenty more participants. l’ll give this one more bump at the end of this week and send out addresses at the start of next week.

If you haven’t sent me your address please send it! (it makes my life easier if you send it again even if you have sent it to me on previous swaps).

Happy to accommodate the midi multiple swaps for those who aren’t able to commit to the MAXI multi swap - '69/feedr/funky I’ll put you down for 2 or 3 each.

Found my cover version comp on my iTunes from last time. But think I’ll try a new challenge, may take up FunkyCows new beginnings theme.

Hi Prob500 - 3 is fine for me…cheers!

#woweezowee, finally some feedback for your mix!

Thanks for an excellent compilation, nicely packaged (always good to see) with a full and varied tracklisting. While I’m a fan of some of the artists on here (Matt Elliott, YLT, Joy Zipper, early Verve) there were some great new finds. If you haven’t got all the a and b-sides for Storm in Heaven, it’s just been released as a triple CD and DVD, and there really are NO duds across the set. The Northern Soul b-sides are less impressive but there are still some great tracks. Man Called Sun is obviously great.

I’ve picked up Banjo or Freakout’s debut based on this really fantastic track (worth it alone) and also really enjoyed Asap Rocky and mirko (very strong run there). Enjoyed the early Sebadoh track (only really into them from Bubble and Scrape for some reason).

Smokers Blend sounded exactly as you might expect it to, very early 90s, but enjoyable nonetheless and it fed well into the fear and loathing dialogue (snap!) and then notorious big and ghostface (enjoyed the Wu’s at their peak). Wasn’t so keen on the Hold Steady and Handsome family but the mix closed out nicely with Verve and the spunky backpack.

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might do this but cant really be arsed sending it out so i might upload it to mixcloud or something instead

Sorry about the overdue feedback on your mix Trev…

Enjoyed this one too, while it has fewer tracks than some of the others, they’re high quality. Made complete sense to start with the Velvets (perhaps the definitive drug track?) and like prob500 I really enjoyed the Spectrum/Lou Reed run, particularly the ten minute run of the latter.

Ponderosa is probably my favourite track (and Maxinquaye still stands up well today) and I nearly put the Elliott Smith track on mine (still miss him, how much could he have recorded by now…). Cop Shoot Cop is one of only two tracks I really like from Ladies and Gentlemen (I think I’m in love being the other - I’m a much bigger fan of their “earlier work”). Given your inclusion of this, Lou Reed and Spectrum, you should really check out Marielle Jakobson’s Star Core (see ambient thread) which definitely has an early Jason Pierce vibe to it.

Thanks again for this - time to get into Spectrum I think…

Probably best. You wouldn’t want to risk including any artwork…