The Big Mix DIS CD swap v5 - Apocalypse Pow!


Sorry for the slow acknowledgement. Busy few days! Glad you found stuff to enjoy on the mix and the mixing and interludes worked. Was pleased with that Nena/Onyeabor transition too, thought they might have been too different at first, but they gelled well. I do listen to quite a lot of Americana, so depending on your perspective there will generally be a chunk to enjoy/wade through on most of my mixes! The Springsteen opener seems like an all round winner with recipients though which is good.

The Flashbulb album I mentioned upthread (Opus at The End of Everything) is a good un, so well worth checking out if you enjoyed. Apologies for the Earth track being edited short – before I mixed, I was running over time and so made a cut. After mixing, I had time over so could have included it after all. The Tom Waits track is from his Orphans odds and ends compilation. If you don’t already know it, it’s split into 3 discs: Brawlers (rowdy clattering songs), Bawlers (sad songs) and Bastards (crazy miscellaneous stuff that doesn’t belong anywhere else). This is taken from the last disc, which also had another mix contender in Road to Peace where Tom gives his take on the middle east peace process. Brilliant!

Thanks for the feedback man, good that you managed to get in on some swaps – I’ve now listened to your mix a bunch of times, so I’ll post shortly.


Oh, I’ve got that Tom Waits Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards album! I don’t think I’ve listened to all three discs which may explain why I didn’t recognise that track.

Don’t worry about the edited Earth track, I think it worked alright, tbh if I didn’t know they usually did really long tracks and you hadn’t said it was edited I may have not even noticed.

I’m still learning about Garageband on my mac with these mixes, this is the first one where I managed to split the mix into separate tracks on the cd which makes it much easier for the recipient. I need to work out how use it to mix better though, work out how to do fade ins/outs etc. I wish I’d got involved in these swaps earlier, they’re good fun!


Fantastic, thanks for such nice feedback Trev. Glad the mixtape as a whole worked and was enjoyable, that’s great to hear :slight_smile:

Re Calexico. Garden Ruin took me a while to warm to as well – I think maybe because it’s generally more ‘straight’ than other Calexico albums? From what I understand John Convertino had been through something leading up to it and so just wanted to thwack the drums rather than play the intricate stuff for some reason, so that seemed to take them in a slightly different direction. I put them on everything, so was going to leave them off this time, but All Systems Red was written about the GWB win in the 2004 US presidential election, so too appropriate to omit! There’s a great doc about the making of this song on the CD of the record I bought – cool to see how something like this developed.

The parent albums of the Rainer and Tycho songs (Alpaca Lips and Epoch respectively) are both good and I think Natural Traits is a good album from Ernest Gonzalez to check out. He’s a cool guy though, so I think you’re unlikely to go too far wrong wherever you dive in!


@funkycow @DustyNothing - Reaper is generally as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. It’s designed as recording software, so has all of the additional stuff and ‘under the hood’ settings you could ever need, but equally you can just drag and drop as well if that’s all you want to do. When you put sound files in the same track, if they overlap you can cross fade and move them around, you can fade in or out, slice them up etc. It’s free to download and use - their business model is that you can evaluate for 60 days and then pay around £50 for a licence. There’s no loss of functionality after this date, but it’s a trust model kind of setup.

For the mix, I made a continuous track in there, mixed it down and then chopped back up in another program. I’m not sure whether you can enter the metadata via Reaper or not – I have mp3tag, but didn’t bother to add anything other than track numbers and simple names in this instance.


Thanks very much for the information both of you. Unfortunately had a very short window to get my ones done for this mix or I would have never have got them out so didn’t have any time to get stuck into anything like this. When I’m back I’ll have a play around with both and hopefully by the time the next swap comes around I’ll be ready!


I’ve had Ernest Gonazales on rotation for the past few days. Natural Traits is excellent, have also listened to Been Meaning To Tell You which is really good too. Can’t believe I hadn’t heard him before as I’m always on the lookout for new electronic music.

Must check out Reaper before completing the next set of mixes, sounds like a good piece of software. Thanks for sharing that info!


Thanks @woweezowee - doesn’t sound that different to Audacity to me, so I’ll stick with that given it’s free. Already invested in FL Studio (which I’ve barely used as yet) so best actually achieve something before spending more filthy lucre on audio software!


Yeah, essentially the Earth track just carries on in that same vein for another few minutes anyway!

I thought the mixing on your cd was very good - given that you didn’t do any fade in/outs, I thought the blend was still really good. I appreciate the separate tracks too.

Your mix opened with three crackers, none of which I already knew. I was vaguely familiar with the name Man or Astro-man?, but couldn’t have told you anything about them. Had never heard of The Soft Moon, but the song you included was fantastic. I’ll definitely be investigating those two more. Then the Consolidated track was really enjoyable, suited the mix and amused me with the cut and pastes.

Some of the post-punk and metal ones weren’t quite to my taste (Jello Biafra & DOA, Blaggers ITA, New Model Army and MAKE). I thought the MAKE one was sounding good instrumentally and then those metal vocals came in, which I always struggle with. I’ve never really investigated Nine Inch Nails before, but it didn’t do much for me I’m afraid.

There were plenty of other highlights throughout though. I’d never heard of Disappears, before but that was a great song, and I’d like to hear more of them. Black Box Recorder were good and a great thematic fit, and it’s always nice to hear Tom Waits too. The mix overall really gelled nicely together and although I mentioned a few that weren’t specifically a style that I would have otherwise have listened to, they worked with the mix and I still enjoyed them in that context. Some strong basslines throughout too. Thanks very much for sending!



The next theme.

It’s a tie between ANIMALS and JOBS.

I’d prefer Animals. Much more interesting.

You may have already done Nature, but that was before my time, and perhaps you could “refine your focus”?

But then, SPACE is a very close second.


Space is only second by virtue of being further back in an alphabetical listing than animals or jobs isn’t it?

At the very least we have some themes for the next few rounds if the mixtape exchange should keep on keeping on.

Speaking personally, I can think of plenty of good candidates for a space based mix. Jobs feels like a tough theme (unless that job is as an astronaut and the mix involves their adventures on the job) - the candidates I can think of off the top of my head don’t feel particularly inspiring. Maybe it’s just me - I like music to have an element of escapism and jobs root it firmly back in the everyday.

Animals sounds like fun and although I can’t think of many songs right now, I think it could be interesting and a good contrast with the bleakness of winter and the apocalypse. Animals or space I think.


Happy to go with any of the suggested themes
Now should I put Space Monkey by Patti Smith with animals or into space?


That’s exactly my problem with the JOBS one. I work in social media! It would be a disgusting mix.


I was unsure about the MAKE track at the time, it’s always a bit risky putting metal on a mix as I know the harsh vocals can be an instant turn off for some. In the end I decided to leave it as it worked with the cataclysmic build up!

That Disappears album, Pre Language, is great. I can’t remember how I came across it, it was either on here or The Quietus I think. They’ve done 2 albums since this which haven’t really hit the same heights imo.

I really like The Soft Moon, they have a real dark, early Cure vibe going on but seem to be relatively unknown. All three of their albums are well worth investigating.

I’ve been a NIN fan since 1989 so I might not have been that objective, the track I put on the mix might not have been the best introduction. If you ever do want to try again though The Fragile is probably a good album to start with.

Thanks very much for your comments, glad you found stuff to enjoy.


I’d quite enjoy a mix based on self loathing!


Please don’t make a mix about social media - that could be pretty hard to stomach! :wink:

The idea of making a mix specific to your own employment sector is an entertaining one though. Working in healthcare, I could probably just about manage it, but don’t fancy some other’s chances…


Space or Animals seems like a good topic to get stuck into.

Jobs doesn’t really inspire me - plus not sure I can find 90 minutes of microbiology.


Great, thanks for the tips on Disappears and the Soft Moon. I’m definitely interested in hearing more of these two so I’ll check out the albums you recommend.

I’ll also look into the NIN record you mention. They’re a huge group that I’ almost completely unfamiliar with, so whether they ever click with me or not, I’d like to hear what’s regarded as their good stuff. Thanks again LastAstronaut!


I don’t think the idea was a mix just about your own job, but about jobs, professions occupations etc. I was going to include these two and I’m not a lady, a cab driver or a lorry driver


Well this changes everything.


I’m going with jobs (geology) so there’s some merit in this one for me. that said, it could be about a commute, office politics, hating your boss, all sorts of stuff…