The Big Mix DIS CD swap v5 - Apocalypse Pow!


I’ve always thought it’s interesting how comparatively few songs there are about work, given it is how it is how most of us spend most of our time.

Lots of old folk songs are about work, very few modern songs.


Have their been any “popular” songs about work since those heady days of Hard-Fi and The Rakes?


Hi @Trev - thanks for your diverse Apocalypse Pow mix…it starts really strongly with Tom Waits – he’s a natural for a mix of this theme and I’m not sure how I managed to exclude him (been a big fan for a long time).

The Earth track is a humdinger, I assume that’s Mark Lanegan offering up his gargle? This track is pretty Swans-y. Between this and woweezowee’s mix, I need to give Earth a listen (any recommendations?) – inexplicable given the amount of drone I listen to that I haven’t investigated them yet. Funny that Sonic Youth (real noise :wink: ) almost comes as melodic relief to Earth. Again, Thee Silver Mt Zion I’ve heard plenty about but not listened to, and this is great, following the first three tracks really well – a grandiose, lumbering beast of a track and suitably apocalyptic.

ANOHNI was brilliant (loved the lyrics) – like if Wild Beasts hadn’t gone shit – will investigate further…hadn’t heard that Nina Simone track before but I’m a fan of her protest songs and this is no exception. Much as I enjoyed Let Love In, I’ve never really got into any other Bad Seeds (but should) – any recommendations appreciated! Good to finally have heard Suicide, and I can see how Spaceman 3 and Loop followed them – will look into them further. I listen to a lot of the less challenging end of jazz (and a lot of the modern more electronic tinged stuff) but I have to say I found Alice Coltrane a bit of a slog to get through. This is the sort of jazz that gives it a bad name (in my view). Ditto Bill Fay, who didn’t really grab me. Talk Talk was the highlight of last quarter and would have been a good closer for me (struggle with Nico’s delivery…)

In conclusion, I much preferred the first half to the second, but there are at least four artists I’ll pursue further from this mix (Anohni, Thee Silver Mt Zion, Earth and Suicide) – so many thanks for putting it together!


Cheers for that feedback…
Earth are made for this theme, so there was plenty of options to pick from. It was indeed Mark Lanegan on that track and he was also on the Bootleggers tune which is from the Lawless OST. Earth’s last album, Primitive And Deadly, is a great entry point. It contains 3 songs with vocals and 2 instrumentals, all epic and quite brilliant.

You can’t go far wrong with Nick Cave, definitely my favourite artist. The Boatman’s Call and Tender Prey are fantastic, while Skeleton Tree is also a masterpiece. The Live Seeds album from the early 90’s is really great too, the Bad Seeds are astonishing live and this is a particularly powerful document of that.

Glad you also liked Suicide, their first 2 albums are classics… once you hear Frankie Teardrop from their 1st album you’ll never forget it!

The Anohni album from last year is really great, well worth checking out, although 4 Degrees is probably the best thing on it. It’s a real departure, but well worth checking out Antony And The Johnsons too. A phenomenal voice.

When we decided on this theme, that Silver Mt Zion song immediately came to mind. From their last album, F*** off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything, which is well worth checking out.

Perhaps an introduction to Alice Coltrane wasn’t going to work in the context of a mix, probably better to try the whole album. It took me a while to appreciate her, and I can’t say I listen frequently but when the mood takes some of her work is incredible.

I understand your point on Nico, if I dare play her around the house my wife gives me the cold stare but I found the desolation of that song a somewhat appropriately unhappy way to finish the mix!

Thanks again for the detailed feedback, I’m really glad it’s pointed you towards a few artists.


There’s that early Belle and Seb track that explicitly references a ‘Head of English’ but I’m pretty sure that’s about it… Jobs would be tough.


Sorry @Trev @woweezowee @funkycow I’ve been sat on my apocalypse mix for a couple of weeks as it was looking a bit feeble. Will try and give it an upgrade over the weekend.


Not many, which is what makes it an interesting topic.


I’m happy with animals, space or jobs. Just stuck together nigh on 3 hrs of good space stuff, I suggested jobs and have a few in mind for animals…


Everyone’s being very diplomatic.

@Prob500 - make the call!


We’ll complain whatever!


Ok so we are looking at jobs vs space vs animals, right? My own preference would be for jobs. But it sounds like that is a bit marmite and I wouldn’t want people to be put off by the subject. Given animals is close to nature (which we’ve done before) let’s go with SPACE.

How’s everyone getting on with the apocalypse? Mine are in the post this weekend, and I’ve still a couple to feedback. Another week or so before i start a new thread for addresses? Or do we need a bit longer?




I think I’d prefer space but I’m happy with any of them : )

I’ve finally finished my Apocalypse mix. It’s a strange one I think, and will hopefully send it out to @Scagden you @Prob500 @bornin69x and @woweezowee by the end of next week.

Also hoping to start listening to the ones I’ve received when I’m hungover tomorrow morning!


I reckon a bit longer, we don’t want it becoming some sort of high pressure deadline focused activity (that’s what work is for)…


I’m happy with Space. I would ask to wait another couple of weeks, as on a purely personal note I am on a course next week and will not be checking the site much so don’t want to miss the initial roll call!


@Trev, enjoyed your CD, some good selections, a few I was familiar with but a fair few I wasn’t.

It started off with the Tom Waits track that I put on the back end of mine, it just seemed to jump out at me for inclusion and I was happy to hear it on yours too.

Mark Lanegan has one of my favourite voices but I had no idea he’d collaborated with Earth, I personally find Earth a bit dull sometimes but his voice really pushed it somewhere else, great stuff!

The Sonic Youth and ASMZ tracks I knew, don’t know why they didn’t come to mind when I was collating mine as they worked great. ANOHNI I had not heard, but I loved it, must have a listen to the album.

After what I said above about Lanegan you’ll be unsurprised to hear that I really enjoyed the Bootleggers tracks as well, another one I’d not heard before.

That Nick Cave tune is a beauty, really not sure how that one’s escaped me all these years!

A bit of a dip on the CD here for me then though, I’m not much of a Suicide fan and unfortunately I really didn’t like the Alice Coltrane track, that sort of jazz is like wire wool on my nerve endings I’m afraid!

The Low Anthem are one of those bands I’m aware of but have never investigated, I may have to rectify that on the strength of this track, and it’s always good to hear Talk Talk, beautiful tune, good choice!

All in all a really interesting listen, thanks!


Great, glad you found plenty to enjoy. Mark Lanegan’s voice is a wonder & normally I wouldn’t put an artist on a mix twice but as the songs were so different I thought I’d get away with it. The Bootleggers is a band put together by Nick Cave/Warren Ellis for the soundrack of Lawless, so technically he’s in there twice too.

You’re right about that Tom Waits song, I also thought it was an obvious choice. I put it on track one as I love how it opens Bone Machine, which is one my favouite Waits albums.

Unfortunately, Alice Coltrane isn’t hitting the mark on this mix judging by this & other feedback. I still think she’s well worth checking out but as I mentioned to funkycow, maybe a mix like this is not the best introduction.

I’m really pleased you enjoyed The Low Anthem. I absolutely love Ticket Taker, from their Oh My God, Charlie Darwin album. I think you’ll like this album a lot if you like that tune & are also a fan of Tom Waits.

Thanks for the feedback & here’s to the next (Space) mix!


I’m pretty sure we’re actually the same person.


Do you wear glasses?