The Big Mix DIS CD swap v5 - Apocalypse Pow!


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Thanks @dollarsandcents, as posted before brilliant packaging. Barely knew anything on your mix so it was a bit daunting to start with but I have found so much on it that I have loved. It’s been my playlist commute for the week and it fits perfectly with my hated rush hour crush, which is a compliment! Not that I’m comparing the London underground to the end of the world but your mix matched the mayhem around me.

Not much on it that I didn’t like and nothing that I skipped as the whole thing flowed so well.

Favourites were:

Xenia Rubinos - Complete unknown to me but the one I will be investigating further first. Gorgeous vocals, hard hitting lyrics and tight backing. A real highlight along with

Burial - Love the depth to this. Wasn’t sure it was just one track at first until I looked it up but the 13 minutes don’t drag at all.

Billy Woods - Very smooth jazz feel. Not something that is usually to my taste but want to hear more.

A Tribe Called Quest - Reminded me I still haven’t got round to getting the new album!

Badbadnotgood - Had these guys recommended to me at the end of last year by a friend but had forgot to check them out. Off to Green Man so will make sure I don’t miss them there now.

Injury Reserve - Great energy and love the piano loop

Gustavo Santaolalla - Have looked up this and seen it is from a soundtrack but works really well as a stand-alone track.

Can see your mix still getting repeated listens so I’m sure I will pick up on more so thanks again!


@mroc @paulo13 @shucks Just popped mine in the post so hopefully will be with you early next week


Hey @dustynothing really chuffed there were some things you enjoyed!

Xenia Rubinos is indeed great, was a perfect opportunity to crowbar that track in what with the lyrics and the current USA situation! You’re probably best checking ‘Black Terry Cat’ from 2016 if you like what that track.

Burial at that length was a bit of a risk I think but glad you enjoyed it - I also think it flies by and captures a very sombre and post-apocalyptic mood.

I’m in love with all of Gustavo Santaolalla’s work - first discovered him from the soundtrack to Babel (the film which this track comes from, from the Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarittu whose career went up from there with his recent successes Birdman and The Revenant). He’s done other soundtrack work including the videogame soundtrack to The Last of Us (more apocalyptic themes!). Worth checking out his film scores.

Thanks for the lovely comments :slight_smile:


I’m happy with space. Animals would be one to keep on the back burner though I think, as it’s potentially a really good theme.

I think there are still a few apocamixes due to be sent and also provide feedback on, so I’d hold back a little yet before starting the new one. I also think it’s a nice thing to do at a leisurely pace and enjoy, and it might start feeling a bit unrelenting if the cycle comes round again too quickly.


My discs went in the post today. If you were on my list (see above) expect something soon.

I’m more than happy to hold off on the next one, i will give it a other 2 or 3 weeks before starting a space thread.


Received your cd two days ago, @DustyNothing, and am making my way through it now. I already know and love Sufjan, Múm, and Bowerbirds. Also already have albums by Hope of the States, James Blackshaw, and Trouble Books, with the rest being a mix of names I vaquely know or don’t know at all, so am enjoying it so far.

I’ve also received a nice looking one today called The Orange Apocalypse, but not sure who it’s from?


I’ve just received two, one from @OttoMaddox and another entitled ‘The Orange Apocalypse’. I’m not sure who this second one is from as there is nothing to say on the disc or packaging- I think there might have been something on the envelope but I stupidly threw that away before taking note.

Anyway, feedback in a week or so.


@bornin69x and @paulo13 - I received the Orange Apocalypse mix too. I’m pretty sure it’s from @Prob500 - no name on it, but from memory of the last mix I received from him, the handwriting looked familiar.

Prob - looks fascinating, looking forward to getting stuck in. Thanks!


Yep ORANGE was mine, sorry for the lack of ownership. @WardrobeGruber and @si_2001 you should also have one as well.

@OttoMaddox, I also got yours today, looks like a treat (again). Absolutely love that Assemblies Of Light album that I picked up after they were on your Winter comp. I haven’t been spending much time in the car recently so I’m behind on my CD listening. Comments on this one to follow.


@bornin69x, some overdue feedback on your mix. Thanks very much for sending, it’s been a very nice driving mix. I knew a few of the songs on there already (Bowie, REM, Ferry etc), but like with Two Tribes I’m not sure I’d ever heard all of that extended build up previously. The Temptations tune was a great choice and I wasn’t familiar with it and Jello Biafra’s Message From Our Sponsor added a welcome touch of paranoia to proceedings too.

I’m no great fan of Metallica and not sure I ever will be but in the limited dose it appeared on here, I thought it was excellent fun. Perked me up on the morning commute! Other highlights for me were Sleater Kinney who I always mean to familiarise myself with but never have yet (good starting points?), Bunny Wailer and the Human League. It reminded me of how good the latter were – used to have loads of their albums on cassette, but never made the digital switch, so they’ve fallen by the wayside a little. Time to reacquaint. The only dud for me was the Sleaford Mods one – I just can’t really see past them as an occasionally amusing novelty act.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


@Prob500 I got yours yesterday, will have a listen over the weekend and feedback sometime next week.


Glad you liked it (on the whole) - I recognise that Sleaford Mods are not for everyone!

The best and most representative Sleater-Kinney albums are probably Dig Me Out, All Hands on The Bad One and The Woods - classics all.

The track I included is from The Hot Rock, a personal favourite. It’s a more subdued and melodic record than is typical of them. I really love it and it was nice to be able to fit a song from it into a mix theme.


Great, thanks for the Sleater Kinney info. More melodic sounds like a good entry point for them and I’ll see where to go from there!


@Prob500 - some Orange feedback. I enjoyed this, thanks. It was certainly ‘bracing’ (that’s meant as a compliment). The first half certainly achieves a genuine atmosphere of threat and doom. War Pigs is of course one of the greatest things ever recorded by anyone and fits the theme perfectly (I only left it off mine because I used it before when we did Conflict), California Uber Alles fits perfectly too (haven’t listened to DKs since I was 15, so a bit of a Proustian rush for me).

If I have a criticism it is that were maybe a few too many doom noise rock instrumentals for my taste - by halfway through that Rock of Travolta track I was slightly beginning to wish the real apocalypse would come. My disc was corrupted and wouldn’t play The Ex Orkest- not sure if that was another in the same vein. It was a theme which made it difficult to get a variety of sounds/moods.

The second half was more varied. I loved Crass, Fela (especially - that track is fantastic)), Okkervil River and Frankie - all of which I have heard before but don’t own. Surprisingly I really liked the Drenge track. I’ve always written them off, not sure why. The only miss for me in the second half was the Yacht version of Women of the World. I love the Jim O’Rourke and Ivor Cutler versions of that song (wish I’d thought of one for my mix) - not keen on that cover.

Thanks again.


Cheers dude, it was waiting for me when I got back from my hols, will give a listen. :slight_smile:

@paulo13 - Yeah, it’s a bit full-on heaviness at the front end (and the back). I love that GosT track - most of his stuff is instrumental synth wave, but the stuff with Hayley Stewart is amazing. Check this one out:

The Martin/Michael track is from the Halo Reach soundtrack. :heart: Glad you liked them! :slight_smile:


Glad you liked it @bornin69x . Yeah, that Ex Orkest song was in a similar vein so sounds like you’ve have a lucky escape with the glitch.

I’m sure Drenge would have passed me by as well, but was lucky enough to see them live in a small venue back in the day. The song on my comp is by no means their best (just the most relevant to theme) so if you enjoyed it pick up the first album, it’s a great small-town teenage howl of rage.


Thanks again for the disc @ninetyeightytwo it was another treat with plenty to explore and plenty I wasn’t familiar with. Particular highlights were the Magma track who I’d heard of but never heard before. Reminded me of a mutant Andrew Lloyd Webber (if he wasn’t shit). They’ve a pretty daunting back catalogue, where might one start with them?

I’ve also been meaning to get some Caretaker, was aware of their ballroom/Shining sound but never got around to it, on the case now.

Overall highlight was undoubtably the Laurie Anderson track, probably one of my favourite ‘new’ tracks I’ve received on any of these DIS swap discs. I don’t think I’d ever heard any of her music, which is a bit odd given how often i see her in the art section of the weekend papers. Again looks like a daunting back catalogue, any pointers?

Only mis-steps would be Current 93 - although it was perfect for the theme as much as I’d like to like him (and think I should given who he collaborates with) I struggle with it sounding almost too apocalyptic. Also got nothing from the Elbow or Andrew Bird tracks, tried and failed before with both those bands.