The Big Mix DIS CD swap v5 - Apocalypse Pow!


PMed you. Have a few good ideas.


I still haven’t listened to one of my CDs and I feel awful about it, going to give it a spin tonight though!

I’m in for 3 again. Wasn’t this going to be a valentine’s day thing originally, oh how things have changed!


Got a promising Apocalypse mix on the go now … this could work (more fun than a Valentines mix for sure…)


I’ve been spending many an hour chopping and changing and coming up with new songs for my mix. Think I’m just about finished the playlist now. Really been enjoying going back to some songs I’ve not listened to in a while, and quite happy with how it’s turned out. I even bought an album from bandcamp just to be able to include another song that I thought would fit!


Got your PM @paulo13 and have you changed you for 5 discs.

This is my last bump for this, will sort out addresses on Sunday so any more for any more needs to send me a PM by the end of Saturday please.


i would like to get involved in this.


I’ve just sent PMs.

Happy mixing everyone.


I would really like to join in with this but have only just joined the forum and cannot send PMs.
Am I too late ?


Hello @clone, Yes, I’m afraid that addresses have already gone out. One option is that @Iain also missed the cut because he also couldn’t send PMs so you could pair up with him. I guess the easiest thing would be for you to PM each other if you want to get it off the ground.


Bugger, I’ve only just seen this thread, was off last week and didn’t go onto the site much. I was going to do more than one this time, ah well, guess I’ll wait til the next one.


Ok, in a burst of productiveness I have completed and posted my CDs to @keith, @Prob500, @ninetyeightytwo, @OttoMaddox, and @Scagden yesterday. Although I sent them second class, just to try and delay them from arriving too quickly! I attempted some vague story order for the songs, but maybe that only works in my head… Was great going back to some songs that I hadn’t listened to in years anyhow.


That’s fast! Looking forward to it.

Sorry @Scagden @Prob500 and @bornin69x, might won’t be for a few weeks!


Mine’s ready. It just needs burning and dispatching.

Like @paulo13 it sort of tells a story.


Don’t worry, I’m some way off with mine. I’m finding this one of the hardest topics.


Thinking of making my one mostly instrumental


I don’t mind adding you to my swaps @LastAstronaut you like? Maybe a couple of others in the thread do too & you could swap addresses by PM?

Challenging theme as bornin69x says, but an enjoyable one and I think I’m slowly getting there.


Cool, cheers! PM sent.


On the one hand, I didn’t find it too difficult to find ~80 minutes worth of apocalyptic songs.

On the other hand, I did struggle with making the mix anything other than utterly depressing.

So it’s 70% songs describing just how doomed we are, and 30% songs exploring what we can do about it.

Ends on a high note!


I’ll add you for one if you want to PM me your address


Cheers, I have PMd you. I’ve already got a good first draft of mine, a couple of submissions and order confirmation and it’ll be ready to go!