The Big Mix DIS CD swap v5 - Apocalypse Pow!


Thanks - this arrived today. I’ll have a listen and post feedback after the weekend.


Got my playlist down to 88mins, Absolute bugger shaving 8 minutes off it.


Started mine last night, think I’m going to do a lot of editing and throw a bunch of bells and whistles on top. Downside is it’ll probably take me a little while! Being careful to try and get that creepy-desolate vibe of apocalypse instead of just straight up horror.


Mine is about 2 hours long! Will do some swift culling. Trying to keep it quite bleak then optimistic in places. Big songs, proper choruses, proper haircuts.


Ok, mine’s burnt and ready to go @woweezowee and @Trev, I will try and get them in the post early in the week. I’m quite pleased with the flow, a mix of genres, tracks old and new, building to catastrophe and horror then ending on a more soothing/hopeful note.


Old-fashioned apocalyptic values?


Done my one. Will work on the art work aim to send them by the end of the month. (Around payday)


Should have mine dispatched at the end of this week - just need to abuse the printer at work.


Hello @paulo13 got back from a week a away from home to find your CD waiting for me. Thanks a lot, looks good. Really wish I’d thought to put that Jim O’Rourke song on mine. Feedback to follow …


Great, thanks LastAstronaut. I’ll look forward to listening.

Mine is still going through some revisions, so will be a little while yet. Doesn’t quite flow at the moment and seems maybe a bit too upbeat for the theme.


great! I bought that album from bandcamp just so I could include that song! I only had (and loved) his Insignificance album, but then another band I liked posted that song of his on their facebook page, and so I decided I wanted to include it also - despite it being so long and my playlist being very over-filled already!


Just dropped them off at the Post Office. I had no spare CD cases so they’re just in plastic sleeves unfortunately but hey, it’s the content that counts right?!


@paulo13 Thank you so much for your CD! It arrived halfway through half-term which meant I had plenty of time to enjoy listening to it at home :slight_smile:

Some thoughts in no particular order:

As always with these things I find it so interesting that, although I’ve heard of a lot of the artists, there’s relatively little overlap with things I’ve already got or know quite well. Only the Jim O Rourke and Anais Mitchell tracks were ones I already knew. (The Anais Mitchell album ‘Hadestown’ I got into after reading a 10/10 review on DiS a few years ago!)

Probably my favourite track was the Shearwater one. Not at all what I was expecting (I think, in the back of my mind, I expected a band called ‘Shearwater’ to be a bit limp and indie-schmindie but this proved me wrong). Really catchy and huge sounding, loved it.

Pretty much every DiS Cd I’ve ever had has had a Jens Lenkman song on it. I think I’m going to need to investigate him a bit more cos I’m clearly missing out on something! I’ve seen that there’s a Jens Lenkman thread so maybe I’ll go on there and find out where to start…

The Broken Records singer really sounds like someone but I can’t put my finger on who it is and it’s driving me mad.

The only track I didn’t really get along with was ‘Victory’: it was very well done and powerful but I found the triumphalism rather uncomfortable (maybe that’s the point?)

Anyway, yeah, I really like how you stuck to the theme and did some interesting things with the track listing (the two Liima songs work really well back to back). Great stuff!


I can see quite a few similarities in the approach I’ve taken to mine. Perhaps we could all post tracklistings once everybody has sent theirs out (for comparison)? My tracklisting is ready, just have some jiggery pokery to do…


I’ve sent mine out but I’m planning on getting it uploaded to Mixcloud sometime this week, I’ll share the tracklisting then.


Made some progress on mine yesterday and it’s pretty much done now, pending artwork. Turns out people like to take their time when making music about the apocalypse, so some of these songs are pretty long. As a result, finding that your mix is 82 minutes long can be a bit of a hassle to resolve…

GYBE! were one who ended up on the cutting room floor - even an edited down Godspeed tune is pushing 10 minutes and I’m guessing anyone who is going to like them is already well aware of their work at this point.

Will hopefully send out in the next few days.


Indeed, I immediately thought of GY!BE for this theme but like you say, all their tracks are too long for a compilation, especially as there would have had to be major cuts and omissions. I did think of trying to edit Dead Flag Blues down to just the spoken word bit at the start (“I open up my wallet, and it’s full of blood”) but quickly discounted that idea as I couldn’t be arsed! :slight_smile:


I ended up leaning more on A Silver Mount Zion and bookended mine with AMZ tracks, totally 20 minutes altogether…


Have entitled mine WHEN THE WORLD IS SICK, CAN’T NO-ONE BE WELL which is the ASMZ lyric that closes the thing.


Yeah, I thought of Dead Flag Blues initially too and I think still I have an old cd given away years ago with the NME somewhere with just that spoken word section on.

Then I thought of that bit at the beginning of Providence with “do you think the end of the world is coming?” - got as far as editing it down to a neat 10 minutes, but I was still running way over CD length and figured there were more interesting selections I could make in that time.