The Big Mix DIS CD swap v5 - Apocalypse Pow!


@OttoMaddox @ninetyeightytwo and @paulo13 - your mixes are done and I’ll put them in the post tomorrow. Hope you like songs that are also music.


Many thanks for yours as well @scagden Lots of my musical holy grails on there - Harvey, Oldham, Cave, Callahan and God Machine, and always nice to hear familiar things in a different environment. And like I said earlier, I didn’t consider any of those tracks for my comp (but all fit the theme very well).

One band I’m definitely not familiar with from your comp is A Silver My Zion. Saw them live about a decade ago, but for some reason (that I have no recollection of why) they really offended me and I didn’t last more than 30 mins before bailing out (it’s entirely possible I was just having a bad day). Two very different songs of theirs that bookend the disc - and the last one was really very good. So if I’m to ditch a decades worth of prejudice and general misinformation where do you suggest I get stuck into their back-catalogue?

Only one track that didn’t really do it for me - the Father John Misty one. I’m afraid I’ve got him in the same bracket as War On Drugs as being mystifyingly popular, and not to my liking.

I made some progress on my disc over the weekend, will probably be fiddling with it for another week. Seems to veer between instrumental songs with an apocalyptic feel and songs that are more overtly poliitical. My recipients should receive in about a week.


Ah brilliant, I’m glad you found some things to enjoy there (and only one thing to hate!)

I’m a big fan of ‘A Silver Mount Zion’ and I’m glad that you enjoyed the tracks. The track that opens the record isn’t representative of their sound at all as they produced an odd dance mix 12" a year or so ago that takes their sound in a totally different direction. The last track, ‘God Bless Our Dead Marines’ is much more representative of their ‘orchestral post-rock with nasal/group chorus vocals’ sound. I would personally start with ‘Horses in the Sky’ LP which has ‘God Bless Our Dead Marines’ as the first track. It’s a rock solid, and often overlooked, album. Enjoy!


@Scagden thanks for your mix - a real crowd pleaser with lots of bands that I’ve listened to for years - including some I used to listen to loads but you remind me that I don’t listen to enough these days (Sonic Youth, Husker Du, Bonnie Prince Billy). Even where the bands were familiar the song choices weren’t always - I don’t think I’ve heard the first Silver Mount Zion track before (and it’s brilliant) and there were a few others I couldn’t place but also liked.

You took a wider view of the topic than I have done so far with mine, which worked well.

The only band I was not familiar with is God Machine - I liked that track but the placement between two piano ballads was a bit strange.

Not too many misses for me. I love Bill Callahan but that must be his most annoying song. Manic Street Preachers are for me a band it is hard to take seriously once your age doesn’t end in ‘teen’. I’m another Father John Misty sceptic but the song you included is his best one. The Simon and Garfunkel is a bit cloying for my taste.

Thanks again.


Thank you very much for your comments! I do appreciate that the manics are not perhaps to everyone’s taste now but that song (and its title!) were too perfect to pass up bearing in mind the general theme. Overall u found myself font back to a lot of things I listened to years ago to match the theme, which is odd given that it’s come from such contemporary concerns


I’ve found mine (not yet finished) taking a very 80s flavour - it seems to be the last time here was such a sense of existential dread in the air (and current music hasn’t caught up yet).


*I found myself going back to

Last time I try to Dis on my phone


I’ve currently got a frankie goes to Hollywood track on mine (although not 2 tribes, that would be too obvious). Terrific band, can’t beat a bit of existentialist dread with a disco beat


If you are not familiar get yourself ‘scenes from the second storey’'69. My all time favourite ‘metal’ album and possibly in my all time top 10 albums


I’m obviously too obvious.

‘If your grandmother or any other member of your family should die whilst in the shelter, put them outside but remember to tag them first for identification purposes’


Finally got round to posting the return disc!



I’d have to second probs on this one, quite remarkable record - by turns crushingly heavy, mystical, ambitious, catchy and sprawling. Hard to think of another album like it in any genre.


@funkycow, @wewerewerewolvesonce, @dollarsandcents, @LastAstronaut
Just got mine finished & they’ll be in the mail in the morning.
Found this to be a really good theme to work with, had to cut a lot of really good stuff out.

@LastAstronaut I received your cd yesterday, thank you - will listen in the car tomorrow.


I’ve popped mine in the post today so should be with you in the morning!

@wewerewerewolvesonce @mroc @DustyNothing


@dollarsandcents , @wewerewerewolvesonce and @DustyNothing, posted my mix today and so you should get yours from me either tomorrow or Saturday. The world is still here, so hopefully you’ll have a chance to give it one or two spins…


@funkycow, @OttoMaddox, @Trev and @LastAstronaut - please all imagine a massive countdown clock set to 48 (working) hours and counting.

The clock here does not signify the end of the world, but rather the ETA for my mixtape to land on your welcome mat. Hope you enjoy.


Received it this morning just had a chance to open it now. Far and away the best packaging ive seen in these mixes and smells very fresh. Lovely to have a printed CD and the cards are a nice feature. Cant find a track listing or anything but will look forward having a listen to this blind


Shit’s about to get real.


Should have been a track listing in there! Unless I’ve missed it or included two in another. Oops sorry if so. I’ll DM you it later if you like.


Shit, I’ve bollocksed this up. Just went back to my swaps PM to write up the envelopes and it appears I don’t have @OttoMaddox this round, and my other swap is @dollarsandcents.

Sorry about that, Otto - I have spares of the artwork and blank cds left, so can easily run you one off if you like. This is the last time I put Price Waterhouse Cooper in charge of my mix swap envelopes… :disappointed: