The Big Mix DIS CD swap v5 - Apocalypse Pow!


@shucks - yours arrived yesterday. Fantastic album cover - as per - and I look forward to listening to it because - as per - it looks like it’s full of stuff that I would never have heard otherwise. And Sleaford Mods. But I can take a deep breath! Sure it’s, ahem, thematically relevant!

Mine will be dispatched no later than Monday.


@shucks I got yours yesterday, looks like I’ll enjoy it a lot. Can’t remember which artists are on there because I didn’t have a chance to look properley but anything with Bats on it is likely going to be a winner. @paulo13 I forgot to say but yours arrived a few weeks ago as well.

Hoping to listen to them both this weekend and make serious strides on mine. Should have it sent out in a couple weeks time.


Thanks,arrived yesterday. Brilliant artwork and nice little touches. I think I need to step up in that department! Loads of stuff I’ve never heard before so will try and get a good few listens in over the weekend and report back.


received @dollarsandcents mixtape yesterday looks awesome :grin:, I think mine’s more or less done will try and finalize the last couple of tracks over the next couple of days with the view to posting it out on Monday.


I’m happy to receive another from you, I’ll send you mine in return? I only asked for 3 swaps and I regretted it afterwards.

It’s up to you! :relaxed:


Excellent. That all sounds good to me, so I’m happy to send to/receive back from you. Thanks :slight_smile:

Your mixes from previous rounds have sounded interesting, so I’d been hoping to be on your send list for a swap at some point. Not that I deliberately manufactured this situation - just had it in my head you were one of my swaps for some reason.

I still have your address from the last round I think - I’ll PM you mine


@OttoMaddox and @ninetyeightytwo - good stuff, enjoy! It’s a bit bleak, but I tried to spice it up with energetic apocalyptic tracks.


Mine are going out this morning to @si_2001, @woweezowee and @Trev.

I found this the hardest topic. I think the problem was that I couldn’t decide whether to take a narrow approach based on ‘the end of the world’ (which left me with too few songs, most of which sounded pretty similar) or a wide approach based on ‘politics’ (which was too broad and unfocussed).

In the end I went somewhere about half way between the two approaches and ended up with something I’m pretty happy with.

It’s more retro than I would usually chose, with quite a bit of stuff from the 80s (there was even more in the original long list). As I said elsewhere in the thread this is because the 80s seems to be the last time there was a such a sense of dread in the air, although the causes were different (Thatcher, Reagan, imminent nuclear destruction). I struggled to find much contemporary music that was actively engaging with the current world situation - I’ll be interested to see if others have managed to (the one mix I’ve received so far didn’t have anything current on it)

Look forward to hearing what you think of it.


@woweezowee yours arrived today thanks. Looking forward to listening.


Meant to say, other than Neunundneunzig Luftballons, I don’t think I’ve heard any of these tracks before. Not even the Jim O’Rourke one!


Great, thanks @bornin69x, looking forward to receiving. I went for a bit of both on mine too, with the idea that one segued in to the other.

I’ve just got the one song dealing with current events - I’ll post up tracklisting later once all recipients thave received and had a bit of time to listen. It’s probably too soon for the artistic response to come, but hopefully it will provide fertile subject matter imminently. Historically, the one upside of everything looking so bleak is that the art tends to be great…


Ah, that’s good to hear- it’s always hard to know whether you’ve gone for a collection of music that everyone already knows or not.

I only knew one of yours previously too, but I’m enjoying it very much. It’s just a slight sidestep stylistically from what I tend to listen to, and so full of interesting discoveries outside my usual frame of reference. Will give proper feedback after some more listens.


Hi @woweezowee, half way through your mix which arrived this morning and it’s a winner so far. @Sean should get these mixes up on the facebook site once we’ve released them a bit more widely. I’ll feed back properly when I’ve had a chance for a few listens!


Finally burnt mine, just need to surreptiously do the cover at work as both my photoshop and printer aren’t working at the moment. I’m hoping to get to the Post Office by the end of the week if not it will definitely be in the post next Saturday.

I’m another whose list initially harked back to the early 1980s but have managed to dig around and make it all more contemporary (all bar 4 are from the last five years). Was going to do something similar to:

which I made just before this swap was announced, but decided in the end not to do so.


Burning tonight. They’ll be dispatched by Wednesday at the absolute latest. @OttoMaddox, @Scagden, @Prob500, expect them.

I had no difficulty finding songs about the apocalypse. The only problem was that every resulting mix was too oppressively grim, and too one note. So I thought around the issue a bit. It’s now a broad mixture of “things that are currently wrong and that could go wrong” and, to make things less depressing, “things we can do about it.”

So as well as songs about the apocalypse, there’s songs about apocalyptic fever dreams, soldiers on power trips, killer robots, living underground, strange transmissions, nightmares, hypocrisy, and resistance. And it has a happy ending too!


I’ve received all three of mine and can’t wait to get stuck in to them - will post my thoughts later this week. My commute is about 40 minutes in the car so I’ll get to spend a bit of time with each one over the next week or so.


Has there been any discussion yet about our next theme?

It would be nice to go ahead with the love theme we planned for this time round - if only to counter the grim augury of the Apocalypse Pow mixes.

But as an alternative, might I suggest ANIMALS?

Songs about animals; songs recorded by animals; recordings of animals; songs that sample animals.


I remember re-naming mixtape cover art with a workey title, waiting til the end of the day and then dashing in paranoia to the nearest colour laser to retrieve my quite obviously not work efforts :grin:


How about Spring? Would be topical and hopefully a contrast to the last two fairly bleak themes


That’d be a challenge - from the top of my head I can only think of two songs about spring, and one’s by Noah & The Whale. Would be fun though - might be possible to get really pagan.

Maybe we could have a vote?