The Big Mix DIS CD swap v5 - Apocalypse Pow!


How about trains, planes and automobiles as a theme? Designing a mix for a journey.


So songs about journeys; songs FOR journeys; songs about transport?


I’m sure we did transport etc fairly recently


All of them!

If you make it too proscriptive you lose the flexibility of choice.


We could widen it out a bit and include new beginnings etc


I’ve only been aboard since last October, so did wonder if it had been done before.


I say recently, it was probably a year ago at least, to be fair


Did we actually do that? I have a playlist called Journeys that I can’t remember sending and I always send my tapes… Could it have been one the we discussed and then didn’t use?


We definitely did it, because I remember the one I received introduced me to this wonderful track


Yep, we’ve done journeys. Definitely.


Someone sent me theirs wrapped in a map with a route. Best packaging to date actually. Animals though, I could do animals…


That was probably from me!

Did it have Driving South by The Stone Roses on there too?


When I say ‘do animals’ I mean do a mixtape about them…


We’ve done Nature before.


Cities/Urban environments?


No problem.


Err, how about employment - a mix relating to what you do (be it a shot job, good job, interesting job, being a student, being a layabout, whatever). We might even learn something about our fellow disers…


Not that I remember. Could have done though.


I’ve been toying with the idea of a jobs/occupations/professions playlist for a while. I think it is quite a good subject.


Taxpayers unite!