The Big Mix DIS CD swap v5 - Apocalypse Pow!


I wouldn’t want it to just be about my own work though - too much overlap with crime and punishment in my case (which we’ve definitely done recently p).


Alright Magnum!


Animals or work both seem like fertile ground for mixtapes. Quite fancy a space/sci-fi theme too at some point if there’s any appetite for it.


Well, to give you a clue I wear a wig to work but I’m not a drag artist


Wait… are you Donald Trump?


@bornin69 & @woweezowee
Yours arrived this morning. Kudos on the artwork to you both, your efforts in this regard have made me feel like a right lazy git this month.
Tracklistings look interesting, both include some songs that I had longlisted, but cut.
Looking forward to giving these a good listen.

Nice artwork also.
To be honest I struggled with the first few songs on yours, but pretty much everything from Death Cab onward is a winner. That said, the songs I liked least were bang on the theme of political carnage so it’s all good.
The highlights from the mix for me are, Disappears, MAKE & Mew - none of whom I was even aware of. Looking forward to checking these out some more, which one of the great things about these mixes.

Note to self - I shall definitely be putting an effort into the artwork on mine next time.


rookie error - Donald Trump’s wig wears him to work


Jobs would be good. Mine would be a vaporware horrorshow.



Vaporware suggests that I’d keep promising a mix and never deliver.

Glad we cleared that up.


Thanks @Trev, I do tend to mix it up a bit with styles and genres so it’s not surprising that sometimes not everything gels with the recipient. Glad to hear that you’ve discovered a few artists new to you, as you say that is the beauty of these swaps.


@Trev - good stuff, hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

@bornin69x - I’ve received your mixtape now too and also admired the artwork. Thanks! I’ll take some listens and report back.


@Trev, received yours this morning - tracklisting looks good, @woweezowee, enjoying my second listen - good stuff! Hopefully all my recipients should have theirs now…


Thanks @funkycow - picked up mine yesterday. Another one that puts my artwork to shame and I liked the little lyrical narrative card in the packaging. It’s about a 50/50 split between knowns and unknowns. Will give it a few listens and report back!


@Trev yours arrived today, cheers. Tracklisting looks interesting, I recognise most of the artists but a lot of them I don’t have much/any material by so looking forward to listening. We both put that Tom Waits track on I see, great minds!



I LOVE THIS from start to finish - really enjoyed listening the last few days.

At a glance I was familiar with about half of the artists but not necessarily the tracks which is great - lots of new artists to me and some familiar faces. Kicks off with a version of ‘Born in the USA’ which I haven’t heard before which is definitely darker than the usual version bandied about, suiting the theme and setting the scene. One of my favourite new discoveries followed with Rainer, a sort of bluesy/country instrumental with a pissed-Bob-Dylan-esque vocal, in the best way. Definitely going to check this artist out some more.

Tried a few Tycho releases previously but never really got along with them but this worked really well in the tracklisting after a really enjoyable Calexico track (not heard of these before either). ‘Million Dollar Loan’ is a real earworm and a lovely track, followed by a live Portishead track coming from one of my favourite albums of all time - the live version was a nice change from the studio recording.

I’ve heard the Ivor Cutler version of ‘Women of the World’ but not this one. Can’t say I’m a huge fan of the song to be honest but fits with the theme really well - just grates a little with me, but that’s just my opinion. Really love the interludes and soundbites over the instrumental bits (were these yours?) and it was welcome to hear some Mark Kozelek work I’ve not heard. Huge fan but not checked out the album he did with Jimmy Lavalle, so thanks for poking me on that.

Never going to complain when Nena is thrown in the mix (I have a penchant for the German version so it was nice to remember what the lyrics were in English!), and ‘Atomic Bomb’ really gets stuck in the head! Great track (RIP). Talking Heads I’ve never really plundered their discography despite liking what I’ve heard but this was new to me and enjoyable. Any hint of optimisim which was building was given a swift kick in the plums with an excerpt from ‘The Road’ (love the book/film/soundtrack) and backed up by another trio of enjoyable tracks which were all new to me. I was willing the mix to nail the landing and boy did it, with the Tom Waits track - a dark bedtime story delivered with a wry smile from an old friend. Great idea to end on that!

Couldn’t have asked for more, will listen again for sure. Great selections and pacing - can tell you’ve put lots of effort in and all tracks have appealed to my tastes, with a couple of new rabbit holes to throw myself down. Thanks a lot for this.


Thanks @woweezowee for a really great mix – definitely in my top three for mixes I’ve received over the last couple of years. For one, it’s “listenable” (sounds stupid, but it’s great to enjoy every track from start to end), it’s introduced me to some new stuff (Tycho, Ernest Gonzales, William Onyeabor and Earth), and the artists I recognise are often tracks I’ve not heard. Overall, it has a cinematic feel to it, particularly with the various instrumentals and dialogues punctuating the mix.

It opens really well with that very different version of Born in the USA (Nebraska-esque, which is the only record of his I’ve really tried so far), I know the Rainer track (but it’s great, and the best on his album - really like its chugging rhythm). I stopped listening to Calexico at Feast of Wire but maybe should give them another go because this is quite a different sound relative to the stuff I’ve heard before. Similarly, I’ve not listened to DCFC for ages, but this is a great track and follows the Trump monologue brilliantly.

The road excerpt is a real downer (in a good way) and introduces the last third of the mix really well. Just generally I’m impressed by the production – either you mixed all the tracks together and then resplit (which I didn’t do, feeling bad now for my recipients) or you got the flow and continuity just right. I used Trump excerpts in my mix but I think your use of them is more effective than mine (and more humorous!). I think it’s time I gave your “This is your brain on drugs” mix from some time back another listen (as your tastes fit mine very well).

PS I won’t be playing the Tom Waits track to any of my children any time soon!


Thanks '82 your disc arrived today. Not the first I’ve had from you and looks like the usual eclectic mix of obscurities that’ll take me ages to absorb (this is a complement).

Some good ideas on the next theme. Would someone like to set up a poll? (if no one fancies this exciting developmental opportunity I will try and do the poll at the weekend when I’m not accessing the site on my mobile).

My suggestion of next theme is PARTY SONGS. The last two - winter and apocalypse - have been from the bleaker end of our collections so would be a nice contrast. (And for those whose collections only contain bleak music it could be a soundtrack for a crap night out, or come-down songs).

But I am a benign dictator and will use a poll as guidance. It’s good to have some vague consensus on theme to see what others make of the same source material.


I was going to suggest Dancing but I think we might have done Art already (which kind of ties in…)


I’ll poll.

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I THINK that’s everything that’s been suggested so far. Thank GOD that “Other” option’s there, in any case.