The Big Mix DIS CD swap v5 - Apocalypse Pow!


Hi, @dollarsandcents – wow, thanks for such nice feedback. I’m really chuffed with how well this has been received – had a couple of false starts but I think this became my favourite of the mixtapes I’ve done for these exchanges by the end.

Glad you liked the Springsteen one, I wasn’t sure how he’d go down on DiS, but I think this version is good enough to win sceptics over. Rainer was an East German/Czech guy who landed in Arizona, and I always love the really earthy clunk of his playing style and the resonator guitar. Had the album for about 15 years and it only just struck me when I was putting together this mix that the album title was a pun – Alpaca Lips! Some of his work is pretty hard to get hold of now, at least in physical format – but this record is still floating around I think and there’s a bunch of stuff on bandcamp to check out.

The live Portishead track is from their Roseland Live album – worth getting a copy of. I figured most people would know the studio version, but maybe not this live one, and that instrumental moment mid song where the crowd break into applause brings me out goosebumps every time. Really nice to hear the interludes worked, yeah I allowed myself an hour for each and a self imposed rule that they had to be worked up from whatever the first thing I initially played was. I quite like the ‘bad hombres’ one, so I may try and work it up into something proper at some point.

Perils From The Sea which Kozelek did with Jimmy Lavalle is one of his best – if you haven’t heard it and are a fan of his work, then I think you’re in for a treat. This song is a real earworm for me, but I don’t think Koz himself likes it very much any more – he very reluctantly played a couple of verses as an audience request when I saw SKM last year before refusing to go any further. I thought about the German version of 99RB and also the album version which has an extended funk intro section, but I didn’t want the story of the song to get lost in translation. Most Talking Heads is brilliant, so you’d struggle to go too far wrong with them – consistently great blend of creativity and pop sensibilities.

I like how the last four songs round things off too – The Flashbulb tune is from their appropriately titled ‘Opus At The End of Everything’ album and that Tom Waits track still raises a smile even after many listens. Hope the rabbit holes lead to some future favourites, as with most of these songs I think the albums they’re taken from are great too!


@funkycow Heh heh, don’t think I’ll be playing it to my daughter either. ‘What’s an overturned piss pot daddy?’

Great to hear you enjoyed the mix too – the feedback from you and dollarsandcents has made my day. I think you’re right about the cinematic feel – my taste definitely leans in that direction and a lot of my favourite stuff tends to be americana, post rock or electronica leaning, which often has that expansive feel.

Nebraska is pretty unusual for a Springsteen album and I’m not sure any of his other studio albums are this stripped back. These lost masters are good though as he’s just playing around with ideas etc. There were a few potential candidates to suit the theme on that Rainer album, but I agree that this is his best and I think it’s a bit of a lost classic, so it had to be this one. I missed out on the Cover Versions round of the mix exchange, but Pastime Paradise also from that record would likely have been on my mix if I had. The respective albums which the new stuff you reference are taken from are all very good, so I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Some great titles on the Earth record – you know a song named ‘An Inquest Concerning Teeth’ is going to be great before you even hear it…

Calexico are my favourite band, so I’m probably not the most objective when it comes to recommending whether they are still worth listening to! That said, I think ‘Carried to Dust’ is my favourite of their post FoW albums, so that’s where I’d look first if you do decide to revisit them – great arrangements and engaging lyrics throughout.

Glad the production and various additions worked. I converted the itunes files to mp3s, loaded them up on a track in Reaper and then did some cross-fading and adding in of the various bits of dialogue and miscellaneous sound effects before chopping them back up again into individual tracks without any gap. I improved Trump’s speeches a little – gave him some reverb and improved his speech patterns. Not that the bastard deserves such treatment. I hoped all of the resampling of music files didn’t hit the overall sound quality too much, but it seems like it was ok.

It was the first time I’d done all that on a mix, but it was fun and the idea actually grew out of your post about people upping their game with mixes. Re-splitting just works better for me personally, so that’s how I did it - my main hi-fi doesn’t like CD-R’s and so I tend to listen to these on my car stereo, which doesn’t have any memory of where you left off each time you turn the ignition so starts again from the beginning. Makes one track mixes a bit harder to play. Agreed that we seem to have similar tastes – your drugs mix still lives in my car and gets plays (as do plenty of the others I’ve received on these exchanges). Really enjoying this round - thanks again for the nice feedback :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply, and also info on how you do your mixing. I do mine in Audacity, and to be honest, I’m going to resplit next time (I normally offer a ‘download link’ for the separate tracks as an alternative, but then you lose the art of the mix, which is a shame). I originally started mixing because of the DiS mixcloud compilation a few years back, so I’d got used to sequencing in Audacity for that. I also reverbed a few trumpisms on my mix - adding excerpts is something I hadn’t done before but it really adds to it - still maintain you did a better job of it though!

Calexico is a great choice for a favourite band - really varied act across their early discography at least, we saw them headlining Green Man in 2006 (touring Garden Ruin) and they were a brilliant mix of straight up sing-along tunes and stirring instrumentals (like minas de cobre - an ABSOLUTE tune, reposted below for people who’ve not heard them). I probably remember them best of all the acts I saw over three Green Man festivals.

Thanks also for the kind comments on the drug mix - I’ve got all the mixes I’ve received on the shelf in front of me, there’s about 15 all told. Best thing about DiS for me…


No worries - really did enjoy it! Might be in the running come AOTY time :wink:

Is ‘The Boss’ a taboo?! I wasn’t aware, always been a big Bruce fan - and can cheaply pick up his records too which is great. Nebraska/DOTEOT/Ghost of Tom Joad/Greetings all great albums! Thanks for the little bio on Rainer, will check him out when I’m done with the other mixes I’m listening to - sounds intriguing. I’m very much a whole album kind of listener so I’ll look forward to listening to some of these tracks in their natural habitat. I take part in these to hear new things, so it’s great. If only one of the tracks on mine prompts someone to try something new then it’s been a success (even at the cost of hating the rest!).

Just realised the Kozelek/Lavalle is on my Discogs wantlist but always so expensive to find in physical form, but definitely have to check that out. Thanks again for the great effort you clearly made, and a really cohesive listen.


Is the Kozelek/Lavelle album you are the Perils from the Sea album?

If so I have a CD copy I would be happy to sell you.

DM with an offer if you are interested


I don’t think Bruce is taboo at all, he’s just a bit marmite for me. Loved Seeger Sessions.


Yeah, I moved over to Reaper when the Windows 10 update came and ran a wrecking ball through my ancient copy of Ableton Live. It’s a great piece of software and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve seen a few mentions of mixcloud in these exchange threads, but I think the DiS mixcloud compilation was before my time on here.

Re. Calexico - they’ve continued that spirit of experimentation throughout their career, which is a big part of why I think they’re so special. I think I’ve seen them live around 10 times now and every time it’s a different experience every time and the arrangements of even their older songs are constantly updated to keep things fresh and to reflect whoever their current touring band includes. I’ve seen them play with mariachi bands and on a shared headline tour with iron & wine for example. The Calexico-ised covers they throw in are always a treat too – Ghost Town, All Tomorrow’s Parties and Boy With The Thorn In His Side being particular favourites. Always great.

Just putting your drugs mix back on now!


Yeah, probably not taboo. It was something of an innocent question.- I haven’t seen much discussion of him on here before and didn’t know whether he had that general aura of cool/acceptabiltiy amongst DiS posters that say Leonard Cohen or Tom Waits have. I enjoy the albums of his I have very much too, though I haven’t delved too far into the stadium era - and I don’t really care whether others think something is cool or not.

Agreed the discovery of new things on these exchanges is great - I’ve still got plenty to dig into properly from the last round to be honest. It’s also good for rediscovery of the dusty recesses of one’s own record collection - the forgotten stuff you uncover when hunting out suitable tracks for the theme is also great. I’ve been hitting the albums some of my selections were taken from again pretty hard recently and remembering why I loved them in the first place.

Hope you get a copy of Perils!


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@prob500 Perhaps not for next time, but how about doing a driving/commute mix at some stage as a lot of us listen to these in the car?


Ditto, so it was you who got me into Banjo or Freakout, probably one of my most played cds in the car of the last six months…!


Ahhh that’s a fantastic idea. Motorik!


Quite fancy that…shoe in for swervedriver…


We’ve already done Journeys (or something similar) though, haven’t we?


Rather than songs about journeys and transport, we could do mixes of songs that could effectively soundtrack a journey?

Driving rhythms etc.


You’re right.


That’s what I was thinking. Most of these mixes end up soundtracking my journeys anyway so it would definitely be a practical option personally!
Happy to go along with the majority or prob’s final decision as always.


Not keen on a mix where everything is aiming towards the same rhythm


Just found this at home waiting for me after a few days at work! Thanks mate, lots of bands I know the names of and always meant to check out and quite a few I’ve never heard of (and elbow!) it’s going to be a real journey of discovery, which I guess is the whole point of these things! Will tell you my thoughts once I’ve given it a few proper listens


Jobs or Space I reckon. We’ve done journeys. You could pick taxi driving or spin commuting to work if you really wanted to do a driving mix…