The big new CD swap – V8 – The 7 Deadly Sins

Time for a new swap? I think it might be. The theme this time is the 7 deadly sins. So:

pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth

Make it a big deadly sin mash-up, focus on one sin, whatever. Or if you really don’t like the idea do a compilation in a theme of your own choice. It’s all about sharing our really cool music, right?

We have about 20 regulars but this definitely isn’t a closed shop –– so fresh swappers are welcome. The important thing is to send something out if you take part and providing feedback on the ones you receive.

Here’s the last thread.

Usual stuff – it’s helpful if you PM me your details again even if I already have them. The default is 3 discs sent and received (not necessarily to the same people), but happy to accommodation those who’d rather just do one swap, or 5 swaps.

I’ll give this a couple of bumps during the week and aim to get addresses out middle of next week.

Any questions?

I’m in for 3 again (though still awaiting some feedback). Looking forward to it…

In for 3 as well chief, thanks for organising. :slight_smile:

I was going to give it a miss this time as I never received my third Water CD and as much as I loved putting together the mix the two I received didn’t totally light my world on fire and I found giving feedback quite difficult.

However, I love the idea of this theme so in again for 3 please! :slight_smile:

Excellent, I’m up for this again. Had thought about setting up a poll, but there were a few differing opinions on how we approached the theme setting process and moving away from the keyword approach, so I got confused and chickened out.

I agree with a few of the other recent comments too about feedback. There’s generally a fair bit of effort and heart that goes into making these mixes in terms of track selection, sequencing, mixing and artwork - and so it can be a little disheartening when they’re not really met with any response.

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I’m in for three again.

Also agree regarding feedback, even if you dislike what I’ve sent you I’d still like to know what you did not like. I’ll always give an honest appraisal for those who send me stuff as I always appreciate the time and effort involved whether our tastes cross or not.

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I’m in for three, but I agree re feedback. It can be a fag to do, I know, but it’s just good manners. The discussions that develop from the feedback are the best thing about the whole enterprise.

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I totally agree, I will always give feedback as I know how much time and effort goes into these things. As you say it’s just good manners.

In for 3 again.
Pm on the way… thanks for organising again, great theme.

Bump 1 of 2 for this. PM to me please if you want to play. I’ll bump again after the weekend and close it down for middle of next week to get addresses out.

I’m in for 3 again!

Remember doing these some years ago. Was introduced to some things I’ll never forget. I’ll go in for three. PM’d details.

Last bump for this, I’ll share addresses on Wednesday evening. Numbers are down on previous editions so plenty of space for participants (new and old).

I know I said that yesterday was the last bump. I lied,
forgot I’m out tomorrow at Ben frost tomorrow so I will get addresses out tonight. So if anyone is waiting till the last minute to send details get them to me by 7pm tonight. Think I’ve got addresses for everyone who has pm’d me so far apart from @SurfsUp .

Subthread (not that nesting works) - which are your top finds from DiS mixes over the years. I’ve cast a look over the 20 or so I’ve received and say (in order):

  1. Born Ruffians (@Pale-eyedBadger’s colour mix)
  2. Eagle/Deer (@DustyNothing’s water mix)
  3. Banjo or Freakout (@woweezowee’s drugs mix)
  4. Ibeyi (@keith and @DustyNothing’s space mixes)
  5. Inflight Entertainment (@ninetyeightytwo’s recommendation to another DiSer for the space mix)

All of the above have been keepers and favourites in the year that I’ve picked them up. There have also been some great tracks, but that’s another subthread!)…


Nice task, but one which is beyond me at the moment as I’m living out of boxes at the moment due to house renovations. Looking forward to the time when i can alphabetacise my music collection again (and discover all those old mixes).

Addresses are out; if you’ve sent me a PM you should have one back from me.

Who’s doing 74 minutes of sloth then?

This one is quite difficult…still, a challenge eh?

Thanks Prob. This is surprisingly hard! To start off, I normally throw everything I can think of on to a itunes playlist and refine from there. At first I thought - seven themes, easy. Now I’m struggling…

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I have my longlist which is around 1hr45m, normally at this stage it’s well over 2 hours so clearly a trickier theme than I thought but I’ve managed to find at least a couple of tracks for each sin I think.