The big new CD swap – V8 – The 7 Deadly Sins


ok, I have finished and burned my cds/printed the covers. although I don’t have cd cases or glue to stick the cover/tracklist together, so I just need to assemble those and hopefully get them posted out this week to @static, @SurfsUp, and @woweezowee
Maybe sliiightly less obscure for me this time, but at least half of it should be bands you’ve not heard of/listened to. So’s the theory!
Trying to understand what Sloth was, was probably the hardest bit!


If you’re having to try hard at sloth you’re doing it wrong! Just stick any old shit in there.

Thanks @paulo13, I’ll look forward to receiving. Well behind with mine at the moment & still struggling to come up with an interesting mix. It’s a good theme, but not sure I have the raw materials. May have to do something slightly different.


I struggled at first, I think my mix is “ok” but then I guess the essence of the distape themes is to make the most of what you have to work with.


I have finished my mix, just need to burn the CDs and print out tracklistings. My printer is pretty shite so I’m not sure there will be any artwork to speak of but we’ll see.


Yeah, I think that’s a fair point -I wasn’t sure whether to persevere with an underwhelming mix within the theme or to branch out to one I could make more interesting. Part of the issue is probably not having had chance to get my teeth into it properly yet.

I like the shared sense that comes from all working on the same topic - seeing how everyone else approaches it differently, so I’ll try my best to keep it sins based.


Working on my mix now, struggling a bit - think I’m looking at it from a wrong angle, so going to try something else.


Right, after a couple of false starts I think I’m just about happy with mine. Didn’t have any fixed plan in mind when I suggested the theme, but I figured that falling back on a disc of lust or wrath would be easy enough. But I think I’ve managed to get a reasonable representation of each sin. The biggest challenge was the pacing given that some sins lend themselves to a completely different vibe to others.

Hopefully get some art work done over the weekend and get it in the post next week. @bornin69x @DustyNothing @paulo13 you are my recipients this time.


Mine’s all selected - just need to get round to burning and printing and posting.

I made things difficult for myself - a strict three songs per sin.


I went for the three songs per sin approach also. The hardest bit was trying to squeeze it all into one cd.


Mine’s about ready, a few bits to sort out but hopefully in the post soon…


Needs a bit of compromise - you have to sacrifice the odd favourite to fit everything in. I eventually managed 21 songs plus another as an intro:


Your mix arrived this week. Thanks Paulo13. Excellent artwork & plenty more that I don’t know than I do. Feedback in due course.

Nice to see some Real Tuesday Weld on there. Had forgotten about them and that I had this jazzy picture disc:


Ooh, excellent! I must get myself a copy of that album on vinyl as well in that case. They’re one of my favourite bands to see live.


Mine is done, burnt and ready to go. It’s not my favourite of the mixes I’ve done and since I finalised it I’ve thought of things I should have put on it but ah well, it’s done now. Hopefully still stuff on there to enjoy. It will hopefully get posted out tomorrow @Prob500, @bornin69x & @DustyNothing


@maggieloveshopey @shucks @mclassh my mix is done, burnt and ready to post. Hope there’s something of interest!


@Shucks @Mclassh @Trev

my mix is also done, I just need to pick up some blank CDs this week and get it burnt and posted. Hopefully out the door by the end of the week.


Mine for @paulo13, @DustyNothing and @static have gone in the post today (second class because i’m a cheap skate but you should get them by the end of the week).

I actually really enjoyed making this one. I decided early on to include 3 songs per sin, which was very challenging. It meant lots of compromises and undoubtedly this is not a faultless selection of songs. What I do like is that alternating between the different sins meant a lot of variety in tone and content. I don’t like mixes where everything sounds similar but that has been hard to avoid with some previous themes (especially the apocalypse one we did, for instance). You’re not likely to like it all, but I’d be surprised and disappointed if there was nothing there for you.


My CDs for @Trev @WardrobeGruber and @LastAstronaut are almost ready. Hope to get them posted this weekend


Received mine from @LastAstronaut this morning. Will get back to you when I’ve had a listen.


MIne here too, thanks @LastAstronaut