The big new CD swap – V8 – The 7 Deadly Sins


Wow, I only posted these at 13:00 yesterday, that’s quite impressive.


You obviously splashed out on first class stamps (unlike me). Classy.



Received my mix from @funkycow yesterday. Gave it a spin yesterday and made a Spotify playlist of it so that I can listen at work

Firstly, great cover art - mine will be nowhere near as good (when I get to it).

It’s a good mix of stuff - only track I wasn’t a fan of was the Mirroring track.

There’s a fair few I’ve heard before but not really familiar with. J&MC, Stealing Sheep, Raveonettes and Joy Zipper in particular (I remember seeing the last two when their debut eps came out, but never really followed up with the albums). Will be revisiting all in the near future.

And a few that I’ve never heard before… biggest reveal to me was the Autolux track. Enjoyed the Sonic Youth-y vibe. Any recs on where I should start album-wise?


Excellent - glad you’ve found one or two things to follow up. I was aware it was quite a DiSsy mix and was a bit worried there wouldn’t be too much to follow up, but your kind feedback is reassuring!

Not a massive fan of J&MC, but I prefer Honey’s Dead over their other stuff - it has Alan Moulder all over it in terms of production, so if you ever liked Doppelganger era Curve, it’s a good one. It has some cracking tunes (Reverence, Almost Gold, Good For My Soul, most of it to be honest).

Joy Zipper released three albums (all in English bar the track I put on the mix). The s/t debut and follow up American Whip are strong start to end. The former is a little more experimental, and try 33X as a sampler from the latter as it’s terrific. I’m not as convinced by their swansong (The Heartlight Set).

Stealing Sheep’s debut (Into The Diamond Sun) is sort of fashionable folk, but very very good. The follow up (Not Real) is more electronic and weaker overall but has a strong first half and quite a few fans on here. For the Raveonettes, I’ve only got Lust Lust Lust from which this track was taken (their third album). I believe it’s a good place to start!

Finally, @robluvsnic is a BIG Autolux fan (almost as much as of Sleigh Bells) - hopefully he’d agree that Future Perfect is as good a place as any to start (and it holds that Sonic Youth feel throughout, it’s a really good album). I enjoyed the follow up (Transit Transit) as well, but not as much and I haven’t listened to the third one.

Thanks again for feeding back, it makes it worth the effort!

PS I stole the cover art from the internet so I can’t claim any kudos for that one other than impeccable taste :grin:


Excellent choice, oh funky one. Autolux rock. Future Perfect is 10/10.

I rate Transit Transit just as highly, but it’s a tiny bit less rock’n’roll noise and more … taut, spacey, atmospheric studio noise? More like the back end of Future Perfect, perhaps.

I like to joke that it is Autolux doing Radiohead. It’s Autolux’s OK Computer to their The Bends. The third album (Pussy’s Dead) meanwhile is their Kid A. I don’t use these albums as indications of their relative excellence but more as a way of illustrating Autolux’s gradual movement from one kind of sound (straight out Sonic Youth meets the Pale Saints grungy-shoegazy noise) to another (something a bit less brick-in-the-face, if you know what I mean).

FWIW, I rate Pussy’s Dead as 8/10.


I received @funkycow’s mix today. Not had a chance to listen yet, but big props due for the packaging. Looks very professional, even a printed disc! Will get stuck in over the next day or so (TV’s birthday today, so unlikely to be able to get away with spending the evening plugged into my headphones) and report back.


Great. I’ll try the three. I think I might have heard Pussy’s Dead a couple of years back when it came out.,but can’t really remember it.


@LastAstronaut - I’ve spent a lot of time in the car this week so I’ve had a good chance to listen to your mix. I don’t know why you were so negative about it - I think it’s really good. It certainly fulfills the basic point of these things by introducing me to some new stuff.

There’s a few artists and songs I’m well familiar with - The Knife, Buzzcocks, Roots Manuva, Sleater Kinney, Girls. Leaving those aside, there are more hits than misses amongst the rest.


Deftones - I have never listened to them before, having always written them off as a nu-metal band and hence not for me. On the evidence of this song, which I really like, I was completely wrong. More of an anthemic rock band with some interesting post-rock textures. Is this song representative?

Neon Neon - don’t know why I never investigated this record as I’ve been a big SFA fan, but I really liked this song.

Uresei Yatsura - a band who’s name I’ve seen on these forums but never listened to. I loved this song, probably my favourite on the mix.

Let’s Wrestle- another in the ‘heard of but not listened to’ category for me. Quite liked it. They’ve heard some Pavement records.

Iron Maiden - amazingly, I’ve never knowingly listened to an Iron Maiden record (metal is a bit of a blind spot for me). This is great though, love the way it gets in, does its job and gets out quickly. Can hear the punk influence on it and the way it went on to influence bands like Metallica, Slayer etc.


Nine Inch Nails -another band that have passed me by. Couldn’t believe how much this sounded like a tinny copy of lots of 80s bands I like (Cabaret Voltaire, Fad Gadget etc). It did grow on me a bit but I’d still rather listen to the originals.

Killing Joke - I’ve heard some Killing Joke over the years and quite liked it, but this is a rotten song (and so very, very long)


Jay Reatard, Ghostpoet, Lamb, The Go! Team, The Fastbacks, Jello Biafra, The Czars, And So I Watch You From Afar.

Not sure why I can’t get into The Czars. They sound so much like lots of stuff I do like but they leave me cold. The Go! Team remind me of the punch you get at teenage parties - they take lots of ingredients that should be fun and make something a bit sickly and unpalatable. I hear a lot of Ghostpoet on 6Music and I always find it sort of alright. Same here.

Thanks again. I’ll definitely be further investigating The Deftones and Uresei Yatsura and getting hold of the Neon Neon record.


@funkycow - yours arrived a few days ago, thanks! Haven’t had time to listen, but when I do I’ll provide feedback! Love the cover as well, and your first song on this! I also went with Nine Inch Nails, but a different track :slight_smile:

@mclassh @Trev and @WardrobeGruber - I put your mixes in the post today, so you should get them next week sometime! I apologise for the artwork and all the songs on it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah that’s great to hear, yeah I think I just over listened to it and started over thinking it. I’m glad you found more stuff to enjoy than to skip!

With Deftones I would have to say that track is not really indicative of their ouvre, they have matured a lot musically since their first couple of albums that were certainly in nu-metal territory but they’re usually far heavier than this may have you believe. I would say though have a listen to their last couple, Gore, Koi No Yukan and Diamond Eyes see what you reckon.

Neon Neon, I love this album, a concept album about John De Lorean, with guest appearances from Har Mar Superstar! I wasn’t as keen on their follow up Praxis Makes Perfect. Nowhere near as many pop bangers!

I only have one of the three Uresei Yatsura albums, Slain By…, really ought to check out the other two. Putting this track on here has reminded me to try and do so!

Let’s Wrestle, I do like this band, they have certainly heard their fair share of Pavement and Fall records and add some typically British wit. I would recommend starting with their first album In The Court of the Wrestling Let’s.

That’s a really old Iron Maiden track off Killers, their second album from 1981. I remember finding this so exciting aged 13/14. Mad to think that this sort of stuff was on Top of the Pops!

That Killing Joke is a bit long but I thought it fitted the theme so well I decided to risk it.

Thanks very much for your comments, much appreciated :+1:


We Are Urusei Yatsura is great. Saw them your it supporting Pavement. Good fun…


Bought that one. You owe me £4.56 if it’s rubbish.


:neutral_face: [sweat]


Finally got my tracklisting sorted, liked this one, had to delve into lyrics and interpretation rather than song titles. Ended up with a narrative tale hinged on a couple of the sins with elements of others included along the way. There are also tracks included to move the narrative along.

Will be sorting out the artwork this week and hope to get in the post by next weekend for @Prob500 @LastAstronaut and @bornin69x


Pretty close to completing my mixes for @WardrobeGruber , @Prob500 & @LastAstronaut
I’ve gone for a 2 songs per sin with some scattered general sinning included for good measure (ie to bring the mix up to cd length :slight_smile: )
Should be in the mail to you guys before end of week.


I know we’re still in the middle of this edition, but could we have a “Big New Secret Santa CD Swap” based on DiSers’ finds in 2017? Basically it would be a mix comprising our favourite finds of 2017, focusing on 2017 but with a small allowance for “best back catalogue” stuff (particularly if the non-2017 stuff was found via a DiS mix CD). I wondered if we could go for a Ten of the best of 2017 + 3 bonus back catalogue tracks?

Obviously Secret Santa is normally 1 to 1, but we could meddle with the rules a bit. It would be a nice way of doing something more concrete with the end of year lists. It might even encourage non-regulars to get into the mixing way of life…

Secret Santa DIS CD swap

I was thinking of recommending a ‘best of 2017’ mix to end the year - the problem might be that we end up exchanging quite a lot stuff we’re all already familiar with. If we can find a way round that I’m all for it


Great idea, I’m up for this :slight_smile:


@funkycow I wonder whether it might be better to wait until after we’ve had the 2017 DIS album the year poll - we could then ask people to exclude any tracks from (say) the top 20 albums in that list (on the basis that most of us will have heard those records)?