The big new CD swap – V8 – The 7 Deadly Sins


@bornin69x, I see what you’re saying but it might be that some folks only have stuff from the Top 20 (we all probably let the lists guide us to some extent). Equally, from the mixes I’ve received, there are some fairly individual tastes on here and I would fully expect to get a mix with virtually nothing on it I’ve bought (although would probably recognise some of it). The end of the year poll often outputs quite late (in order to fully take in December) and then it’s somewhat after the event.

Hmmm. Happy to go with the majority view (a poll would be needed). If it’s going to be a Secret Santa, we’ll need the cutoff to be for last day 2nd class post (Weds 20th December for UK recipients).


A best of '17 secret Santana swap sounds good to me and I’m more than happy to participate (and coordinate). Must admit it wouldn’t offend me if there were some inevitable overlap between what I received and what I’d heard. Some highlights from comps for me has come from things I thought I was familiar with in a different context. I also think that if we waited till the ny some momentum may go out the idea if we weren’t getting our discs till (say) February. But I’m more than happy to go with the consensus rather than being the evil dictator (again).

  • santa. Although I do like the idea of a secret Santana swap


It would definitely need to be a secret.


I’ll go along with whatever the majority view is


baaaaaaaaaaa :sheep: (pot kettle etc)


I like the idea of a secret santa best of '17 mix. I don’t think we should necessarily rule out albums, overlap to a certain extent is inevitable but they won’t necessarily be the same tracks. I also don’t think we should wait too long as folks are starting to think about what may be their “best ofs” of the year and doing a mix might help solidify some positions in the list!


I’m happy with a best of '17 mix. I make end of year compilation cds each year anyhow, so that will be easy! Mine will be ready at the very end of the year though. Plus I think I generally prefer receiving mixes of newer songs in any case.


I’d be up for this, produce a top 20 songs compilation every year anyway so I’m nearing completion with mine already!


Arrived in the post today, will be giving it a listen in the next week or so.


Thanks @LastAstronaut , really enjoying your mix

A fair few I know and love already – Buzzcocks, Go!-Team, Sleater Kinney, Girls and a few that have made my mix shortlist (I’m still whittling mine down) in Urusei Yatsura and Neon Neon.

Lots of names I’ve heard of but never checked out before with the highlights for me being:

Fever Ray – Great star to your mix and probably my favourite from my unknowns. I’ve seen the name pop up in a few of the album of the year threads but hadn’t got round to checking it out yet. A voice that is quirky enough with grating and like the melancholy feel to it. Love the production. Is this taken from the new one?

Lamb – A name I have seen around plenty of times over the years but have never knowingly listened to them. Probably due to the fact that when they first came out my tastes didn’t stretch any further than guitar bands. So as I’ve got older and my tastes have broadened I’m playing catch up with a lot of stuff from the last 20 years or so. These mixes are usually good entry points into finding them and that’s the case here. Again nice production on this one. A lovely balance between sadness and warmth and I love the tone to her voice.

The Czars – Heard a song by these on a podcast a week or so ago and was meant to check them out further as I’d never heard of them. Like bits and pieces by John Grant and didn’t realise it was his old band. Another rather downbeat sounding favourite from your mix. Can you recommend a good place to start with them?

Intrigued by Deftones. Have seen your reply above that it’s not too indicative of their sound but I enjoyed that enough that I’ll do some further listening.

The Let’s Wrestle track didn’t really grab me that much but I’m generally bit of a sucker for Pavement-esque bands so will see if investigating further will drag me in.

Not hugely into Post-rock sounding stuff and what I do tend to like is the more repetitive, hypnotic building kind of a track so struggled with And So I Watch You From Afar a bit as it just had a few too many twist and turns in it for it to really take hold. Maybe repeated listens will change this.

Only really three tracks that I couldn’t get on with which were NIN, Killing Joke & Iron Maiden. Just not really my thing at all. I’ve really tried with NIN before after quite liking a track I got on a previous mix but nothing has really stuck.

Overall though that’s a very good success rate and lot’s for me to get stuck into so thanks again!


Thanks @bornin69x . A very varied and interesting mix that I’ve really enjoyed.

A few in there I know Go-Betweens, Can, Happy Mondays, Sparks & I’ve currently got the Bjork & Low tracks on my shortlist for this mix.

Despite being a big Nick Cave fan for some unknown reason I have never gone back as far as checking out The Birthday Party. I will be rectifying this immediately.

I saw Kendrick Lamar at Primavera a good few years ago now and went along not knowing anything by him. Loved every second of it. Got back and never took it any further. Again can’t say why but including him on your mix is the jolt I need to change this.

Seen the name Liz Phair around a bit. I knew what I was going to get lyrically but not musically. Still can’t tell on repeated listens whether I actually like it or not but it’s definitely made me inquisitive enough to check her out further.

Another big name in Brian Eno that I’ve never taken the time to investigate but it sounds like I’ve been missing out as this is probably my favourite on the mix. Found it hard not to hit repeat and despite it’s rather minimalist sound it feels like on every listen I’m picking out something new on every listen. Good place to start with his solo work?

Really enjoyed The Mighty Diamonds, The Contours & Ann Peebles tracks. Generally find that I stumble across tracks like this from compilation albums. Would you recommend investigating any further with these three?

I wouldn’t really call them misses as none of them made me really want to skip ahead but the Momus, EMA & Prefab Sprout tracks didn’t really do anything for me but 3 out of 22 is a very good return! Thanks again.


@paulo13 @static @SurfsUp Sorry bit behind with my one and still working on cutting down the shortlist. Will hopefully be able to get this done over the weekend and out to you at the start of next week.


I would get involved in this (was hoping someone else would suggest it!)


Glad you liked it generally.

If you like Nick Cave you should definitely investigate The Birthday Party. I also really like the Boys Next Door album that preceded the Birthday Party. A lot of Roland S Howard’s stuff is really good too. He is an underrated talent.

Liz Phair made one great album in the 90s (Exile in Guyville) which is well worth checking out if you haven’t heard it. The track I included is probably not tha representative of it in terms of sound (it’s mostly more conventional sounding 90s alt-rock) but it’s an interesting album, especially lyrically. I’m not sure that any of her other albums lived up the promise of that debut album.

There are loads of great Eno solo albums, especially the early ones. The track I included is from Taking Tiger Mountain, which is great, but possibly just pipped by Another Green World as his best. Before and After Science is great too, as are lots of the others.

Glad you liked the reggae and soul tracks, sometimes they don’t go down that well with DIS audiences. The Contours were an early Motown band - they pop up on Northern Soul compilations from time to time, especially this song. The Mighty Diamonds are one of the great Jamaican vocal harmony bands. They were recording at a time when Jamaican artists weren’t much focussed on albums, so a lot of their good stuff crops up on compilations. There is a great Mighty Diamonds album though called Right Time, which is well worth a listen.

Ann Peebles is a legendary Memphis soul singer. She recorded the original versions of I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down and I Can’t Stand the Rain (which she also wrote). I love her records - I would highly recommend getting hold of a good compilation of her singles, many of which are superb like this one:


Thanks very much, glad you’re enjoying it!

The Fever Ray track is off her first album, I’ve only listened to the new one once so far, need to give it a few more goes.

I don’t know a massive amount about Lamb, I bought this, their first self titled album years ago for the single Gorecki (which is still utterly lovely) but the whole album never really blew me away so I’ve not investigated any of their other albums.

All I have by The Czars is the 2014 Best Of album. I love a fair bit of John Grant’s stuff so bought this as it seemed the easiest way to get an overview of his early band stuff. It’s ok, there are some good moments but I’m not sure I’ll investigate any deeper tbh.

The fact that only three tracks were not for you I’ll take as a great success for the mix! That Killing Joke track has not found favour with either of the respondees so far, ah well. I’ve been a fan for many years so perhaps I’m not totally objective and this one popped into my head as soon as the theme was decided and I couldn’t not include it!

Thanks again for your comments! :+1:


Thanks for the mix @bornin69x

I think I found your cd a bit hit and miss, but partly because I do less well with older songs (although it’s always interesting to hear what I don’t know - which is a lot!), and I’m most likely part of that DIS audience who does less well with reggae and soul tracks… even though my first ever cd album as a youth was a reggae compilation cd which I played to death and enjoyed back then.

The ones I enjoyed:

The Go-Betweens - almost reminds me a bit of The Divine Comedy’s Promenade album, but mainly because of the oboe.

Can - I know the name, but never heard before, but liked this a fair bit more than I was expecting. Quite a fun sounding song.

Liz Phair - Not sure if I’d like her other songs if they’re a bit 90s alt-rock, but I mainly like this one because of the higher pitched singing backing vocals.

Bjork - I’ve still never gotten around to getting any of Bjork’s albums, so it’s always nice coming across her on mixes and enjoying them. This is really nice.

Momus - I’ve never listened to him before, but sort of what I was expecting. It’s nice and catchy.

The Avalanches – all I’ve really listened to before by them is Frontier Psychiatrist. It’s good head-bopping stuff. Really enjoyed.

Brian Eno - another name I know, but never listened to, and agree with @DustyNothing about the nice minimalist sounds in it.

Prefab Sprout – again, I know the name, but not listened to before. Was expecting more jangly guitars. But it sounds quite nice and crisp and quite lovely. But maybe that’s just because it’s an acoustic version and maybe they’re normally jangly?

Low – I have (and like) their xmas ep, and have liked another song of theirs which was on a previous mix I received from another DISer. Very understated, but I really like the feel to it.

Belle and Sebastian – I just have one or two of their albums, but mostly like what I heard. This song is really good, and so it’s probably between this, Bjork and The Avalanches for my favourites from the cd.

Thanks again!


@shucks & @maggieloveshopey, I’ve received both your cd’s thank you👍🏻… looking forward to listening over the next few days.
In the case of shucks, I think I might be a bit scared to listen actually :blush:
Will get feedback to ye in a week or so.


I’ll break with the consensus @LastAstronaut and say I like the Killing Joke track. One of those bands that should be up my street but I don’t think I’ve ever knowingly heard a track by them. Never seem to get bad reviews (well, apart from on this thread) and seem to have been around forever but I know very little about. What’s their holy grail then?

Will also be following up Let’s Wrestle who are a band that crop up in similar places to bands I like but I’ve never properly listened to.

Great start to the disc with that Fever Ray song, probably the best one on her album (and the only song in rock history to reference dishwasher tablets?) Haven’t listened to her for ages so it’s whetted my appetite for the new one.

Good to hear a Maiden Di’Anno song, probably haven’t heard this since I was a teenager (more used to Bruce doing it live). His voice stands up pretty well doesn’t it?

Only two tracks I wasn’t to fussed about were the Ghostpoet song (musically interesting but find his voice a bit grating), and the Czars song. Used to slavish pick up Bella Union releases, and remember reselling his albums pretty quickly again on eBay. I didn’t enjoy it much more with the passing of time.

Many thanks.


Oh, and if you’ve missed it the secret Santa thread is now live:

with a week to get back to me.

My CDs should have gone out last week but didn’t, will be giving it some attention over the weekend hopefully. All burnt, just the packaging to do. In the end I went for 3 portions of pride and envy, 2 portions of sloth, lust and gluttony and a single slice of wrath and greed. Had to start the disc with 3 of the first 4 tracks pushing 10 minutes long which is probably a bit self-indulgent but really didn’t want to chop them. Hope my recipients have a decent tolerance level for neo-classical (it does liven up quite a bit so stick with it if not).