The big new social board acoustic thread

This is a thread for discussing acoustic guitars and the playing thereof. What have you been learning? Got any recordings? Got any handy tips? Share your resounding successes and devastating failures here.

Banjo chat: allowed

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double track, pan hard left and right, mmmm acoustic!

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Learnt any covers lately?
I’ve been playing this which is lots of fun:

(That’s not me)
(I wish it though, her voice is great)
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haven’t really played guitar much for the past few months but I did do a cover of the music from Shining Force 2 last year on nylon string.


:smiley: that was beautiful
Really musically played as well, if that makes sense… bits of it start sounding like a gypsy jazz solo or something.
Big fan of nylon strings - all I have to play on at the moment is an old classical but it’s so nice to play and expressive I think I’d find it hard to go back.

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thanks very much!

Yeah I love my nylon, I only bought it about 6 months ago but I don’t think I’ve touched my more expensive acoustic since. Just nice to laze about and pluck idly.

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Gave away my acoustic guitar to a refugee charity initiative last year as I wasn’t playing it. Want to buy an acoustic but need something with a really shallow body, maybe something parlour size.

Haha! I’m more of a 75% guy.

I’ve started doing it whereby I double track but using 2 mics (one standard position, 14th fret a few feet away whatever) and the other pointing at the main body somewhere. Double track it but shove the gain right down on track coming from mic 2 and shove a load of reverb on it. Gives a bit more space and you get that nice ‘live’ sound but without it being DI’d which always sounds shiiiit.

(Double track = each mic so 4 tracks of acoustic in total)

(I still have no fucking clue what I’m doing)

hey sounds like you’ve got it sorted!

I just do what sounds right at the time, would be laughed out of the studio

Your stuff always sounds great, it honestly does. So whatever you’re doing - keep doing it.

cheers man! Thinking of starting a new record soon but no idea if there’ll be a theme or anything

John Fahey.


Do it. I always do give your stuff a listen btw when you put it up on here. Even if I’m not vocal about it - I’m listening. One thing I take from it is how good you’ve made your stuff sound. Esp. using pre-programmed drums. It really is impressive and gives me hope that my own home recordings won’t always sound like a crock of shit. So thanks for posting them :+1:

sweeeeet as!

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aww, you’re very welcome :slight_smile: I’m sure yours don’t sound bad anyway, feel free to link if you want

None of mine are anywhere near the internet. But one day maybe. One day.

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Might throw some Swedish troubadour folk up in this thread if I get a chance to record myself this weekend

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Any chance of a recording?

Yes! Do it!

Fair! Would love to hear it when it’s done though, it’s always nice to hear people playing for inspiration/ideas