The big new social board acoustic thread


no! (maybe, but not now) i’ve not got it down yet.


Fair! Would love to hear it when it’s done though, it’s always nice to hear people playing for inspiration/ideas


Got a gretsch style 1 parlour last year, absolutely love it, never been an acoustic person before, put silk and steel strings on it and it sounds and feels amazing


Been learning this old time fiddle tune on guitar - Whiskey Before Breakfast. Made this recording of it last night, at a pace slightly too fast for me to nail it.

I didn’t learn this from tab or owt so I guess you could say anything that sounds like a mistake is just because it’s my own arrangement :wink:

Incidentally this was all done on my iPhone voice recorder and laptop speakers. i.e. recorded the rhythm part on my phone, then played that back through the laptop speakers and played along with it, recording that on my phone. Pretty happy with the results, sounds very authentic old time recording :smiley:


I would genuinely love to hear this. Love Swedish folk


Haven’t had the time to go to my studio at all so far this year and iPhone recordings suck so my renditions of ‘Det gåtfulla folket’ and ’okända djur’ will have to wait a while




I used to pretty much solely play on acoustic. Can’t recommend Faith guitars enough as a pre-amped, affordable, and gigging guitar.

Recorded the faith for something a long time ago (and it’s still going strong) and it sounded great - recorded it on two channels, one from the DI from the guitar inside, and another condenser mic in front of it.



I mean it sucks for recording vocals

yes…that’s what I meant

yours sounds quite kitchen blues, which suits the piece


:smiley: :wink:


here’s me mewling in a practice room with my knackered, rattle-y acoustic

wanna buy something nicer but don’t really use it enough to justify the expense, i’d probably only wreck it