The Big Painting Challenge 2018

It’s no Water Colour Challenge but it will have to do. Plus it’s always on Sunday evening (I think); none of this willy-nilly Masterchef nonsense.

Isn’t Ray great? Got his first paint set for his 70th birthday (and kept it in a cupboard for three years!)
When I go on it I would much rather have Diana as my mentor. Pascal would really get on my nerves I think. Don’t really like his style although maybe he’s actually nice. I dunno.

Good show, good show.

I like this show. My TV, an art teacher, hates it. Says the critiquing is unrealistic for amateurs

As in, they’re too harsh?


I would maybe equate it to Bake Off levels of harsh.
I find them equally critical and encouraging. I mean it’s not like Brian Sewell is on there.
I’m no art teacher though. I just like the pretty shapes and colours and all the fun they mostly have

big fan. shame theres no one painting with their hair this time, she was mad wasnt she. also pascal is a 10/10 megababe

Oh for sure but I think there’s something about his approach which would aggravate me.
I only ever had (shit) male art teachers though so maybe it’s a deep-seated hang up of mine which I should really deal with before it gets out of hand.

Glad you like it, Andyvine! Where’s @Slicky? She definitely likes it too


I definitely do!! Got it recorded, will watch soon!

I really like Portrait Artist of the Year. Still got a few left of this years run to catch up on.

Watching NOW.

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Watched, right result. Big fan of the people’s favourite.

Think a massive shiny vat was V tricky for first round though, they are overly critical but then it’s good telly I suppose

Loved Frostrup’s jumper, looked it up £220!!! :tired_face:


Bokani? Yeah, she seems really cool. Loved her own artwork. Abstract and bold.

Quite liked Chris too (the visually impaired guy who accidentally drank a jar of turps😬) but not sure if him and Ray are quite up with the others yet. Early days though - who knows.

There should be the pottery bake off thing after this too if they’re still doing it. Nice!

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Yeah idk why the judges thought the winner was crap, I was well into it

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TV wasn’t happy about the mentor telling the 90yr old painter to paint with acrylics and not watercolour

My grandad’s a watercolour man who recently switched to acrylics and his painting has taken on a whole new aspect. But yeah she should have given him more guidance when she spotted he was using them like watercolours

That’s what she was getting at I think, that he was left to get on with it with no help or advice, which is why they’re there.

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Still watching? Ooooft some harsh judging tonight.

Heartbreaking but also ver6 amusing gymnastic paintings…big fan of third leg jokes…

They were pretty brutal today. Thought Oliver’s was great

Yep me too…hope he wins, or the dyslexic bricklayer.