The Big Thread of Bond

Inspired by recent chatter about Idris Elba being cast as the next James Bond, let’s stop getting Bond wrong!

Please list your:

Favourite Bond:
Favourite Bond film:
Favourite Bond theme:
Favourite Bond girl:
Favourite Bond villain:
Favourite Bond gadget:
Favourite Bond stunt / sequence:
Favourite choice for future Bond:

Just goldeneye really, and only for nostalgic reasons

Daniel Craig
Live and Let Die
Can’t pick a fave
Remote control car from Tomorrow Never Dies
Chase down the Thames in The World is Not Enough
Couldn’t possibly choose a new Bond. Idris would be good.

best stunt



Favourite Bond: BROSNAN
Favourite Bond film: The World is Not Enough
Favourite Bond theme: Goldeneye
Favourite Bond girl: I don’t fucking know
Favourite Bond villain: Was Grace Jones a villain? She’s cool
Favourite Bond gadget: INVISIBLE CAR
Favourite Bond stunt / sequence: Don’t know - one where Brosnan is getting hit and he does his grunting noise
Favourite choice for future Bond: Ian McKellen

Disclaimer: It’s all shit, and it’s a damning indictment of this country that it’s considered a cultural touchstone

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Favourite Bond: Connery
Favourite Bond film: The Living Daylights
Favourite Bond theme: Tomorrow Never Dies
Favourite Bond girl: Diana Rigg
Favourite Bond villain: Jaws
Favourite choice for future Bond: a woman?

Bond: Connery
Film: From Russia With Love
Theme: For Your Eyes Only
Girl: Michelle Yeoh
Villian: Oddjob
Gadget: Ejector seat car
Stunt/sequence: can’t really think of any. Maybe the skiing bit in OHMSS
Next Bond: Idris Elba fits with the new post-Bourne Bond aesthetic quite well, but I reckon Dan Stevens could add some old school smarm to the equation. Anyone but Hiddlestone.

Favourite Bond girl:


Best entrance:

Best theme is either Nobody does it better (The Spy Who Loved Me) or What a Wonderful World (OMHSS)

The rest? Meh
Don’t like Daniel Craig much but thought Skyfall was actually a pretty great action movie. Spectre was double shite though

I think we should all take a minute to appreciate how ridiculously lucky Pierce Brosnan’s Bond was to have both Halle Berry & Rosamund Pike in the same mission

Next Bond? Mark Rylance

Favourite Bond: Sean Connery
Favourite Bond film: Dr. No
Favourite Bond theme: Goldfinger
Favourite Bond girl: Ursula Andress
Favourite Bond villain: Donald Pleasence
Favourite Bond gadget: Robot Dog (from A View To A Kill)
Favourite Bond stunt / sequence: Moonraker’s boat chase & hang glider escape
Favourite choice for future Bond: Lupita Nyong’o

Yeah, go on then:

Actor: Sean Connery
Film: GoldenEye
Theme: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Amazing opener, and a classic Louis Armstrong over the credits
Girl: Probably Honor Blackman playing Pussy Galore
Villain: I’m fond of Jonathan Pryce playing Rupert Murdoch Elliot Carver, but it’s got to be Donald Pleasence’s Blofeld
Gadget: Ejecta sheet? Ya jokin.
Sequence: Terrible film, but the moment that everything goes weightless in Moonraker felt very special. Otherwise the volcano base invasion in You Only Live Twice. Anything where there’s a full-on bundle between loads of goodies and baddies, really.
Future Bond: It won’t happen, but I reckon John Simm would be brilliant

Favourite Bond: Roger Moore
Favourite Bond film: Moonraker
Favourite Bond theme: Live and Let Die
Favourite Bond girl: Dr Holly Goodhead
Favourite Bond villain: Max Zorin (Christopher Walken)
Favourite Bond gadget: dunno
Favourite Bond stunt / sequence: anything from Moonraker
Favourite choice for future Bond: Danny Dyer

Best slide-whistle also

Favourite Bond: Connery
Favourite Bond film: Casino Royale (2006) or Goldeneye
Favourite Bond theme: Nobody Does It Better
Favourite Bond girl: Vesper Lynd
Favourite Bond villain: Bleeding Eye Guy (Mads Mikkelsen)
Favourite Bond gadget: Cigarette darts
Favourite Bond stunt / sequence: Big end battle in the Volcano from You Only Live Twice
Favourite choice for future Bond: Elba - don’t care about the hype, I like him as an actor and it would noise up all the powerclowns online.


Really like Bond films. Don’t mind saying that i think Craig and Connery are superior to the others, but there’s something for everyone, innit. The Bourne films seemed to give Bond a real shot in the arm, and the very early films, especially the first three, are pretty clearly brilliant.

The only thing that fucking baffles me is the amount of people, almost always 25-35 who think Brosnan’s even part of the conversation when it’s so emphatically clear that he’s been the weakest Bond by a country mile and the films he was in were all borderline unwatchable.

Don’t watch enough contemporary film to suggest who the next one should be, but it clearly needs freshening up and probably has to move a bit away from the current style. Elba would obviously be a hugely positive appointment, but Fassbender for me, probably, or Ejiofor. I really like Colin Morgan as well.

I don’t think “Powerclown” should be an insult. It sounds like something that should be amazing.