The Black Friday deals thread

So yeah it’s just designed to get us to buy more stuff we don’t need, and yeah a lot of the deals aren’t actually good value, and etc etc

But of all the years this feels like a good one to support businesses where you can, or to manage to save some hard-won cash

So what good deals have you seen or made use of? What’s the biggest bargain on the best or most dis-friendly stuff?

Picturehouse are doing 40% off their memberships. So the non-london member plus one is gonna cost £56 with 10 free tickets, two membership cards, and ability to take guests with you at member prices. Absolutely pays for itself


Tartan Blanket Co doing 20% off, so their very warm recycled wool blankets (loads of colours) will be £52 delivered. Absolutely getting myself one


Don’t think I’ve ever bought anything on Black Friday

Sennhesier hd599 open back headphones are 67% off at around 90 quid on amazon


Not even a sandwich?


Picturehouse is already on my list to get today for my other half’s christmas present

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Never bought a sandwich which wasn’t from Subway

This reminded me to renew (thanks!) - did this last year. Glad they still let you have the discount for renewing. For some reason they only charged me £56 for the London member plus too - bonus!


Clarks kids boots have discounts on them (including the pair we almost bought for Jimbo last weekend - I’m glad I held out there). Possibly not of that much interest to that many people here.

I’m also on the lookout for a Kindle deal too since my other half has manager to misplace hers - quite conveniently three weeks before her birthday


Prove it

Don’t make me release the photos

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Do your worst!

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For real though. You have never bought a sandwich that wasn’t from Subway?


Nope! They always have an ingredient in them which I dont like, usually butter or mayo. Also not keen on the refrigerated aspect


This is probably the actual best fact about you. I don’t know how it’s possible. Ginormous respect,


Black Friday is normally super busy for me as when not on maternity leave i work for a well known cashback website so itd be busy in the run up, early start etc - not the most fun BUT i did get insight into deals coming up before they went live so could have been very helpful here, but ive missed that this year being on maternity leave.

Sorry, that was a bit of heres what you could have won post :joy:


I don’t think I’ve ever bought a subway. I object to that smell that they pump out from the front of the shop, so I’ve never so much as crossed the threshold of their premises

I’ve been backing them for time but Glasses Direct are 50% off everything this weekend including any fancy lens options and designers. You can prob get Ray Ban cheaper elsewhere but Gucci, Chloe, Oakley etc will all prob be best value there. It’s also off the cheap cheap if you’re interested in some knock around pairs to chuck in the car or lose down the side of the sofa.