The Black Lace scene in Rita, Sue and Bob, too, haunts me, man...

Have fever dreams about it and everything.

“Hiiiiii, Bob. Enjoyin’ yerself are ya?!”

(Some sort of vague caveat about Bob being a dirty old man, I guess).

I watched this film with my mum when i was 12 or something. Bizarre.

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Yeah, I watched it when I was far too young. A deeply odd film imo.

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I was surprised to see a poster for a local am dram society doing a production of it not long ago - I really thought it would have been consigned to the dodgy dustbin.

For me it has to, and can only, be viewed in the context or who it was written by, and her own life experiences…

Genuinely would consider it a masterpiece. It’s about a paedophile and has some racism, sure, but it’s about as realistic a document of working class life of the time as I think you’ll find, and cinematically it’s stunning - up there with Kes.


That’s interesting - it sounds like the play is a different beast to the film.

The ending was very different, and I don’t think she was happy with it.

Looks like a scene from league of gentlemen

I saw this production which was initially cancelled but then reinstated

It was great but yesh made me realise the difference in endings.

Another excuse to say if you haven’t seen The Arbor, you should.