The Blood Brothers (Not reformed, not touring)

No not touring the UK I’m afraid, but they are my favourite band ever so lets share some.memories yeah?

Johnny and Jordan both sound so sinister on this. Where Johmny screams and Jordan whispers at the same time during it is chilling . What a fucking amazing song


Fuck sake. You got my hopes up. So glad i managed to catch them twice in 2007


Had tickets to their UK tour which was maybe around that time… coincided with my A-Levels… didn’t go. Worst decision of my life.

Only really like Crimes, cos everything sounds like it’s about to break. What an album.


Knew they were all-time when I first heard Ambulance vs. Ambulance and they’ve been one of my favourite bands ever since

Ahh man that is nowhere near their best album ha.


^ this


V. glad i got to see them live. Preeety intense.

Saw them twice on the young machetes tour. Were great both times but did deel like i’d missed the boat a bit.

Johnny was rude to me as well :’[

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They completely reinvented my notion of what hardcore and what punk was/meant. I remember hearing Ambulance Vs Ambulance on a Rock Sound comp and thinking “what the fuck was that/I have to buy everything they’ve ever done.” Managed to see them 3-4 times I think? God, they were so vital and chaotic in their approach. There’s very, very few bands that retained that intensity and destruction they had on record and still sounded good and cohesive. Listening back to Burn, Piano Island, Burn! it’s tearing itself apart in places, but still manages to keep it together. I actually don’t think there’s a bad song on that album, it’s pretty much perfect. Also, weren’t they all about in their very early 20s when they recorded that? Fucking staggering amount of talent.

You know what? No bands sound like them at all. Fucking unique in every way.

EDIT: Cecillia and Silhouette Saloon is just incredible.


I saw Johnny when he toured with Jaguar Love and got a cd signed. He was a bit of a dick

Met Mark on the last tour too and he was a bit off. Think they all got jaded with music tbf

I remember a poster on old DiS listened to Burn and said they couldnt hack it in one listen as it was so unsettling. It really is a unique album, never will be owt like it

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Sorry! #moderators can you edit title to say not reformed

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Actually thought that Jaguar Love album (Take Me To The Sea) was pretty good. Saw them at the 100 Club, probably over 10 years ago, and they were ace. I mean, it was no Blood Brothers, but seeing Johnny and Cody again doing their thing was great.

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I’m listening to it now, some of the stuff going in the background (USA Nails) is just mad, yet it’s still coherent as a song…just. I think now, they’re still a scary prospect, that dual screaming/singing, the heavy use of keys in such an inventive way, the complete disregard for structure. Wasn’t Burn on a major label as well?

Not on hardcorepunkbook at all, so it’s the only one I find properly interesting. Young Machetes is decent but too long.

jordan and morgan were both super cool dudes when i met em

Yeah I spoke to Jordan at another time, hes.a.gbol. Still find it.mad.Morgan is in Flert Foxes (or was)

i was not aware of that

Yeah Ross Robinson produced it! I dont think its on a major but that first track of Guitarmy is such a punch in the face

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