The Bodyguard (BBC) Whodunnit Thread

  • Budd in some sort of Manchurian deal/pact with the suicide bomber?
  • Man with Lee Mack’s voice?
  • Slimy tory ex-husband?
  • Overly eager Louise?
  • Dicky Longcross?
  • Mr Brittas’ wife?
  • Gina McKee?
  • Older posh Smee brother?
  • PR guru Stewart Pearson?
  • Sacked girl?
  • Office Weasel?
  • Someone i’ve forgotten?

Simultaneously love and hate shows like this. Feels like easy mystery fun, but it’s basically another series of Line of Duty, and after the first series that became very shit, eh.

This is wrong. The second series was the bomb.

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I get bored with these things when it starts getting complicated and more than one person could be the bad person. I want them to tell me who the bad person is, like in Columbo. Also needs more bangs and running, and there wasn’t much of that this week.

My current theory is that Keeley Hawes has faked her own death and plans to come back as zombie Prime Minister. Like Theresa May did.


it is getting a bit confusing - I fell asleep during the last one

it feels a bit flat since whatsherface got blown up and the whole relationship dynamic hook is gone

Who’s the man with Lee Mack’s voice?

Is it Lee Mack?

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i thought this was going to be the case too - but now they’ve mentioned the funeral has taken place I think it’s looking unlikely

Opposite from me. That was a blessed relief. Unless of course she comes back from some necrophiliac action.


“low key” funeral though.

think if they make this the big twist people will decide this programme is even dafter than it already clearly is.

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while we are in this thread I’m just going to say that Bodies was a really good show and people should watch that if they haven’t seen it (better than Bodyguard and Line of Duty)

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You say this as if it’s a bad thing.

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Oh right. No not him. He’s just stupid.

So it’s him then isn’t it. That’s the way it always works.

Sacked PR girl / Strangely-moustachioed new Home Secretary are involved. Not sure if MI5 are just doing their job and have been (wrongly) painted as the sinister villains

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My money’s on…

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I think its the person that looks most like Dwight Schrute.

Can’t take Stewart Pearson seriously, keep expecting him to tell the Secret Service guy that knowledge is porridge.


Was better at the start when it was just about a right wing home sec and terrorists wasn’t it? Before it became a big conspiracy thriller.

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That guy really does look like a Smee :joy:

I think Robb Stark is definitely under some kind of manchurian hypnosis - see when he strangled Julia in his sleep and it was definitely him who put blanks in his gun, he just can’t remember doing it.