The Boo Radleys - Giant Steps

That’s right, I, pretty sure it was NME Album of the Year for 1993

Where’s everybody finding the 3cd version please? Can’t see it on Amazon or Norman.

The 3-CD version is one that was issued in 2010…now long out of print.

Don’t know about to buy, but it’s available to stream on Tidal (and presumably other services too)

Oh balls. Thank you. Sorry

No problem. I actually want a copy of the 3-CD version and i’m kicking myself i didn’t get it at the time. It is available to stream on Spotify.

Oh yes the 12" of Lazarus. Just peerless.


Not sure if I want to go and see them live now. I absolutely loved them, but the person who wrote all the songs is not in the band, and for whatever reason it doesn’t seem to be an entirely friendly decision. The two albums that the other three have written are… entirely pleasant but not a patch on it.

I don’t know the reasons they froze him out of the reformation and it’s possible that they were very good reasons… but from a musical perspective it would probably feel very odd to watch them.

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Saw them at Manchester Student Union in 1993, a couple of months after the album came out. Then saw them again at the Heineken Free Festival in Preston in 1994 where they headlined above a pre-Definitely Maybe release Oasis.

Giant Steps was my favourite ‘new’ album for a good few years around that time.

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Yeah, i agree that it is strange that the main songwriter isn’t part of the reunion. In a way it sounds quite similar to the Jerry Dammers/Specials situation when they reformed without him. I have heard Martin Carr be quite dismissive of a lot of the Boo Radleys cataogue in interviews, so I would have assumed that he just wasn’t interested in reforming…not sure if there is any bad blood between Carr and the other members or not.

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He has said that he wasn’t invited to join the reunion. He has been saying nice things about Giant Steps, but not the reissue as such, and he’s clearing out a load of his old memorabilia. I’ve seen a couple of other bits.

Oh right, that’s interesting that he wasn’t invited…that must hurt a bit. Come to think of it, i think it is mostly the pre-Giant Steps era he has a problem with…and Kingsize…I know he doesn’t rate that album.

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Damn, they did a John Coltrane cover album?? It really is a beautiful morning.

One of the great non-album singles
Bench of Belvedere and the accompanying video is one of those really wistful time capsules that suggested what Britpop could have been with a bit more finesse and sensitivity.


Love the song but never seen the video. I’ll check that out ASAP.

I think he just has no interest in looking backwards. Not sure there’s a lot of acrimony though.

fair warning but I suspect he’s a bit of a terf sympathiser from following him on social media

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Heres the interview:

Dont think Ive ever heard a musician be so antipathetic to their output.