The Boo Radleys

‘Hey, what’s that noise, do you remember…’

Saw The Boo Radleys supported by Oasis at a free festival in Preston. Quite like the new single. Sice’s voice was always lovely and it hasn’t changed at all.

I was there. ‘94 maybe?

Place was wild for Oasis. They were awful.

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Yeah, the album of the year was basically the culmination of over a year of press building up - and rightly so :slight_smile:

Totally with you on ‘Barney…and Me’, I often forget about that single. When I think back, it’s ‘Wish I Was Skinny’ that I think of, but I liked Barney more overall.

Spotify is never a good reflection of older bands - the cover of There She Goes was on the soundtrack to So I Married an Axe Murderer so it’s bound to pick up American casual listeners - and Wake Up Boo is the only song most people can name by them and probably appears on 200+ limp “Britpop” compilations.

I’ve listened to the new single three times now and it’s growing on me.

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Ruh roh

I don’t completely know what the circumstances are or even whether or not he’s being tongue-in-cheek but it seems a bit churlish to refuse to get involved and then complain that you’re not being mentioned in interviews?

I loved it at the time but haven’t listened to it for ages. Have been offered £ for it in the past but wouldn’t part with any of my records (until later when I’m old and poor perhaps).

I saw BR supporting MBV in 91. They were bloody loud (er than MBV).

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It reads as a fairly mild comment, so I still wouldn’t know whether his exclusion was down to them or him…