The Book of Henry

I had a tonne of Twitter ads telling me this was the most unique film of the year even though I’d never heard of it, so I took a look and it sounds INSANE.

Warning, this article spoils the entire plot and ending, but if anything it makes me want to watch it more than any trailer would:

It’s meant to be extremely bad. I’m kind of intrigued…

Read this yesterday, really makes me want to see it

Is this the film that keeps being on podcast adverts, with a “say the first thing that comes into your head about me… you’re fat…” dialogue, cos that didn’t sound hilarious or brilliant, it sounded fucking shite.

it’s from the guy that directed the new jurassic park is directing one of the new star wars?

that’s pretty crazy

Yes balonz, that’s right!


oh wow even the premise sounds bizarre I can’t figure out whether it’s supposed to be serious or…

Ive just read the entire plot, baffling how this got green lit

also customary reminder to state that Safety Not Guaranteed was utter dog shit as well

I watched the trailer then read the plot.
Seems very strange and I will not waste my money on it.

Came here to post this.


Can I say in here that Midnight Special was a real piece of shit too? (the boy in this was the boy in Midnight Special)




I suppose what kind of get’s me is that Henry’s motivations seem so out of sorts, possibly something to do with his ethics not developing at the same rate as his intellect? I probably shouldn’t look to deeply into this

Sounds like you’ve already given it more thought than the director and writer.

Not actually Ant’s thread to be making the rules in, TBF.


Did the ‘this thread is similar to…’ thing not pop up when you made this thread? FFS office workers thinking their threads are the most important threads.

I never read that shit. Sorry bud.