The Book Of Mormon

Any good then?

Quite racist and punching down for me, Clive

It’s a hell of a lot better at satirising Mormons than it is at satirising Ugandans


From the people that brought you South Park? Nah I’m good thanks.

Like most of Parker and Stone’s stuff - it seems to be written with quite a bit of affection for the target and nails the medium they chose, but the Ugandan thing is very… @roastthemonaspit nails it.

Musicals are all terrible.


It’s been many years since I’ve seen it but I enjoyed it a lot at the time. Probably very problematic in retrospect, though not without heart - as you’d expect from the people behind South Park. Definitely been overtaken by Hamilton as the “hip” musical of choice, though no doubt it’s much much easier to get tickets for Mormon.

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NOT this.


get out

… which is NOT a musical!


Blues Brothers
Muppets Christmal Carol
South Park: Bigger Longer And Uncut

All non-terrible.

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I laughed and the songs are brilliant.

hasa diga eebowai.


Kinda racist as well tbh, but man can those South Park boys nail a show tune.

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obviously Blues Brothers is terrible but I agree with your broader point

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Imagine if it was though.

Obviously shut up.

it is very funny and has some great songs

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All good films, but would all be as good if not better without the songs.

I get the opening song (“the sun is out and the grass is green etc”) stuck in my head at least once a day.

I like it, I think the criticism about how it depicts the Ugandan characters is very valid, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s racist… the tropes and problematic elements many (not completely) come from the white protagonist missionaries and their view of Ugandans/Africans.

It is properly hilarious at times, definitely recommend seeing it.