The Born Sexy Yesterday Trope

Worth watching the video if you’ve a spare 18 mins although the article summarises the main points.

When people bullshit me in future I might start saying “do you think I was born sexy yesterday?”

I’m only saying I might do this. Not promising anything.


Nice work, saps. I’m pulling in the sympathy replies today.

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Trying to think of examples of this. The only one listed in the article that I’ve seen is Stargate, and that was so long ago that I’ve forgotten pretty much the entire plot.

It immediately made me think of Big (obviously with the roles reversed).

I suppose something similar (again in sci-fi) is when a female alien interacts with human men.

The video has a lot of examples, including Big, where it discusses how the reverse situation isn’t about making men seem more appealing due to their adolescence. It opens with Tron: Legacy, if you’ve seen that?

Will take a look at the video later. I have seen Tron Legacy, although as with Stargate I remember next to nothing about it (although with Stargate it’s because I watched it so long ago, with Tron it was because it’s completely unmemorable).

I think when you watch the video it’s not really important whether you watched it due to it containing the clips making the point.

You should check out The Fifth Element. Lots of flaws and weird bits but quite impressive as well.

Counterpoint: don’t watch The Fifth Element, it’s absolute horseshit.




You still haven’t posted that Farage plane crash faceapp pic yet :cry:

Just scrolled through someone’s twitter for 4 minutes straight, don’t say I don’t ever do anything for you


I suppose Ex Machina was a twist on this.

Still shit though.

Oh man! :smiley: Thanks.

You are a gent. Definitely worth the wait. @elthamsmateowen seemed to suggest he didn’t see them either.


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need to be careful not to get in a youtube hole with this, as I’ve still got work to do, but these are really interesting (and kinda terrifying)

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OMG :smiley:

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Fucking hell :anguished:

he looks like tim curry


i know right, i knew these films made me feel a bit uneasy in places but I never really linked these ideas like that