The Boxer Rebellion EP (2003)

I’m trying to locate this EP released by Madfish music at least digitally, there are limited CD’s still being sold on Discogs for £50!

Tracklisting is:-

  1. Watermelon
  2. In Pursuit (original version)
  3. The New Heavy
  4. Code Red (original version)
  5. In The Empire

Anyone who follows the band may know shortly after this release they signed to Poptone records and Re-recorded “In Pursuit” and “Code Red” as single releases. So i’m trying to get this for these Demo versions.

The band did offer this EP for free back in 2009 but I missed out.

Funny story about Boxer Rebellion. So I remember them seeming to be on every fucking line up around the Bath / Bristol area for gigs around 2003-2005 and then totally forgot about them.

Then I saw they were playing in Utrecht and was like “those guys are still going! Playing Utrecht too, good on them”. Then was quite surprised to discover how successful they’d been. Don’t know why, but they completely passed me by and assumed they were still playing the occasional Tuesday night at Moles or whatever.

The funny part of this story was the lie that it was a funny story! It wasn’t funny at all! Too late now, you’ve read it! Fuck you!


They were in Going the Distance with Drew Barrymore

They were indeed, they recorded the song “If you run” for the film.

Im pretty sure I’ve got this. I’ll have to check.