The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Couldn’t care less if there is or isn’t a wolf.

I DO care that this little prick was crying about it. It’s a wolf, mate. Chill the fuck out.


The Girl Who Yelled Sea Urchin

I’m with her tbf, those things are disgusting.

What if she yelled it as a form of greeting to a long lost friend

Actually the boy was called Wolf

I’m on his side tbh. You still check even if the lad’s a bit of a troll, when your community is very vulnerable to wolf,


Wait, what? It’s a boy called Wolf crying Wolf!?

Well I never!

You would be :roll_eyes:

The wolf was actually the doctor

This has got to be one of the stupidest posts I’ve seen in a long time…


:clap: IT’S :clap: OK :clap: FOR :clap: BOYS :clap: TO :clap: CRY :clap: WOLF :clap:


Thank you, Shrewbie. I was hoping that someone would point this out.

This thread has been a work of satire all along!

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Thanks, man

The title is actually “The boy who cried, Wolf”

Love using this little prick as a cautionary tale to dishonest children, it is good for children to know that lying can lead to being eaten by a wolf imo


Imagining some snarky kid writing a fable called

The Man Who Cried The Boy Who Cried Wolf

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Style Council song about love and loss on the tres political album ‘Our favourite Shop’

If you like 80s keyboards and drum machines sound this is the song for you.

The boy should simply give that wolf a banana.