The Boys (and Gen V and other spin-offs)

Anyone watching this? Probably one of the best things I’ve seen on Amazon Prime for awhile comes from a similar place to Marshal Law in regards to confronting the question how exactly superheroes would fit into a world largely dominated by the whims of political and private capital.

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Couldn’t get into the comics/graphic novels (think the Simon Pegg connection put me off) but think I’ll give this a try.

Just started on Preacher so working through that first…

I just read about this actually, I just got the comics (through humble bundle if anyone is interested) but I wasn’t aware that was part of the inspiration for Hughie’s character. It doesn’t really seem that clear on the series.

Peggles plays Hughie’s dad in the series.

Watched most of the first episode and it’s great so far :smiley:

I pretty much binge watched the first three episodes :grin: and I’ve only got two left to finish the series. I can kinnnnddd of see where it’s going but I’m enjoying the ride.

Good boys

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Is anyone else annoyed they made the Deep a rapist? Since that episode he’s been one of more the more sympathetic characters but obviously what he did is unforgivable so not sure what they’re wanting us to feel about him.

Homelander is probably the most interesting character in a way because I think there’s a suggestion that much of his pathology is a direct reflection of the series fictional depiction of the most harmful elements of the US state\ideological infrastructure particularly the military.


They’re back in town, so I heard

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Yeah I see what you’re saying although I kind of felt like he never actually fully confronted what he did i.e unless I’m wrong I don’t think he ever actually apologizes to Starlight

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Only on episode 3 but contender for my favourite new show of the year. The idea of big-name superheroes essentially being treated like major US sport teams seems spot-on in terms of how super powers would be capitalised IRL.

I love a bit of ultraviolence so I’m here for that too but it’s such an intriguingly believable premise. Major Bill Hader/Barry vibes from Hughie, and the creepy fish dude is brilliant (plus his being the butt of all the jokes reminds me of Sea-Man from South Park "A porpoise. It was a fucking porpoise")

Maybe it’s because I’m only up to Episode 3 but so far he seems like a pathetic piece of shit who’s insecure about his shitty superpowers, and brilliantly played as such. It makes perfect sense to me that he’d be the one to try to exploit the newbie, but it sounds like he’s got some major character development ahead.

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I thought Karl Urban was doing his normal New Zealand voice! God, I’m terrible with accents then, didn’t even realise he was attempting a cockney one.


I’ve been reading about some of the characters elsewhere and it’s actually quite interesting that they’ve made the decisions they did with The Deep as he’s almost not quite as terrible a person in the comics as he is in the series?

They also don’t seem to have really shown what his actual powers are either (aside from animal telepathy)

Yeah he’s definitely an unrepentant abuser, just find it a bit confusing he’s almost become an aquatic Mr Bean now who has also essentially been sexually assaulted himself.

Deniece Williams - Let's Hear It for the Boy - YouTube (but boys instead of boy)

Love the fact Anthony Starr is in this as the Homelander. Always thought his performance in Banshee, (amidst all the fighting, shagging and death) was excellent, the level of tortured emotion and rage was great.

Love the comics as well, and not that bothered that they’ve deviated somewhat with it - works fine.

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I love Banshee. Currently rewatching it with my sister (she’s never seen it)

I agree Anthony Starr is great as the Homelander. All his eye twitching and switching from smiling to snarling is exactly right.

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Karl Urban
Nate from gossip girl

Gonna watch this

Terrible amateurs compared to the real boys