The Brent Flood

Hey Guys, has anyone heard of this band? they had a slight line up change in 2009 and changed the band name to Skinny Machines and disbanded in 2013, I’m a big fan of both incarnations but there was some really early Brent Flood tunes that are impossible to find like “Back From You” “Limelight Lady” “My Only Angel” and “Reasons Reign”

If anyone has heard of this band come say hi

Managed to now have most if not all tracks from The Brent Flood. Now looking for Coverart and tracklisting info, it’s the OCD in me, if you know anyone has any releases of this band that could help let me know. They were based originally in Northern Ireland before moving to Bristol, England were they had a big following at Bristol university in the early 2000’s and finally they moved to London for the rest of there run, big in Tooting and Wandsworth.

I wish you well in your endeavours. Cant help unforch, but

Has done ne

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