The Brian Jonestown Massacre

See them about a lot, they seem quite prolific.

Are they any good? Where’s a good place to jump in? I quite like jerky, krauty stuff.

only got famous cause of Anton being a bit of a dick

The Methodrone album’s good hazy shoegaziness with strong driving rhythms:

they have some great tracks, but so much subpar material.

granted, I haven’t checked out much of their post-90s stuff, but it was such a pain to sift through. Easily the most over-rated band in the psych scene (and shoegaze too for that matter; Methodrone completely falls off in the second half and isn’t even shoegaze to boot!)

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Get the 2 disc collection - Tepid Peppermint Wonderland. It’s fantastic.

For recent stuff - Aufheben and Revelation are both excellent.

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Revelation is a top notch album. Really consistent quality throughout. My personal fave is Strung Out in Heaven as the band all sound fucked and that album sounds like it will collapse at any given moment but somehow it all hangs on in there. Some great stuff on it.

They can be really good live too.

The Cosmosis Festival in Manchester last year was in many ways a washout, but they were one of three bands who stopped it from being a total drag. It was packed, the crowd was surging throughout, the music was dreamy, and the air was thick and herbal - it was like a heady slow motion moshpit!

In no particular order

You look great when I’m fucked up
Food for clouds
Let’s pretend that it’s summer
Dropping bombs on the Whitehouse

When they’re good, there’s almost no-one better, but quality control is a serious concern

UK Tour. Excited. The Roundhouse show was excellent a few years back. For a band (well, Anton) famously so uncompromising, they were rather obliging with the hits

October 11 - Brighton, Concorde 2
October 13 - Falmouth, Princess Pavilion
October 14 - Bristol, Motion
October 16 - Birmingham, O2 Academy
October 17 - Glasgow, Barrowland
October 21 - Newcastle, Northumbria Institute
October 22 - Sheffield, The Leadmill
October 23 - London, O2 Forum Kentish Town

This entire tour sounds like it has been one unending shitshow. Seems like Anton has completely unraveled, including being back on the booze in a big way.

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Agree with this! This compilation is a great starter. You could argue you don’t need much in addition to this…although i do like ‘Whoever You Are’ from 1997’s ‘Give It Back’, which isn’t on the compilation.

That’s a shame as they’ve been remarkably competent the last couple of times I’ve caught them live. Still feel burned by this occasion however…


A genuine shame. He seemed to have things together in a big way for the last few years.

I’m not sure he said anything too controversial? He isn’t advocating genocide and stating that this was the inevitable consequence of Hamas’ massacre is sadly just a statement of fact, as awful as that fact is. Has he said other things that cast this in a different light?

Although actually posting that comment with that article itself casts it in a different light. I tend to try and be charitable though and stating that Hamas are awful and that they hide behind civilians shouldn’t be controversial, just as “the IDF are committing genocide” shouldn’t be controversial.

Too many to list on the current tour, a particular low point being a drunken Anton halting a performance mid song to loudly berate the girl in charge of sound for an extended period, and then ranting about blowing the venue up if she fucked up again “like the Murrah Building down the road” - this was a gig in Oklahoma City :grimacing:

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Fucking hell. A shame. Thought he was on top of his demons.

Fucking hell. A shame. Thought he was on top of his demons.

I think he was, for several years too. Dude desperately needs help on several fronts, but instead he’s about to take the band to tour Australia and New Zealand :roll_eyes:

It’s going well