The Bridge |||| Bron |||| Broen

Very much looking forward to this.

When’s it on?

Tv event of the year

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Keep checking for a date in this and finally it is there. Friday (!) 11 may


That is my brother’s birthday and also the release date for Rihanna’s new line of lingerie.

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Confirmed that It is definitely the end of the saga and also the end of Saga, although it doesn’t necessarily mean the character dies at the end of the series.

All four series are on iPlayer now. Perfick for weekend bingewatching.

Also, there’s loads of similar stuff on 4Play/4OD that surprisingly few people seem to watch/know about. Some of the stuff on there’s naff, but Before We Die, Norskov, and Blue Eyes are all as good as The Bridge.


The stars have well and truly aligned


Not watched any other Scandi stuff. Where to start? The Killing?

The first series of The Killing is one of the best things I’ve ever seen, none of the other Scandi noir series have quite lived up to it.

The Killing is very good, as are some Wallander. Borgen is worth a watch although political rather than crime, and I really enjoyed Arne Dahl too.

Haven’t seen much that hasn’t been on BBC4 yet, though. Need to rectify this.

Just been re-watching series 1 of The Bridge. Still one of the ultimate best things I’ve ever seen. Didn’t watch series 3 because there was no Martin Rohde but will do this time around.

S3 was decent. Agreed that Rohde was such a great (flawed) character but his absence didn’t detract. Would love to see him pop up again in the finale

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Where can I watch S3 without paying any more money to anyone?

On iPlayer you tight bastard

o rly? mint

Spoon-feeding or what…??

Was series 3 the one about the art dealer? Really looking forward to this starting up again but it doesn’t seem right not to be watching it on a dark autumn night in front of a roaring fire.

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cool, I assumed it was finished for some reason

did anyone watch the Tunnel? if this ends similarly to the way that did, it’ll be quite something

Bridge S4 is great IMO. I think it’s 2 fewer episodes than the others so it’s tighter but also seemed cleverer.

However I still don’t know why no Scandinavian country has installed decent lights anywhere. Maybe @whiterussian knows?