The Brighton to London commute


Does anyone do this commute regularly?
Is it really as bad as people say it is?
We’re keen on the idea of living there, and as my office is in Victoria it could work nicely if the trains worked as they should, but I don’t really fancy sitting on a stationary train outside Croydon for 6 hours a day.
Any help would be greatly appreciated


A mate of mine did it for a year or so. Her facebook posts were daily barrages of vitriol aimed at Southern Railway.


I am pretty sure that the most delayed train in the country is a very early Brighton to London service.

You can see late stats for particular train services here:


I live in Brighton - but work in Brighton too

A commute to Victoria is as good as it gets (as long as you live reasonably near the station at this end too) - but everyone I know who does it seems to be having a rubbish time of it at the moment due to southern rail

If you can do some working from home a few days a week it starts making more sense I think

But don’t come here because house prices are high enough thanks :slight_smile:


The lines are crap, the operator is crap, and you spend hours of your day rammed into trains with terrible people.

On the plus side, you will end up knowing all the bad pubs in the vicinity of Victoria station as you kill time waiting for the delays to pass.

I say go for it!


It’d be fine, and quite easy, if it weren’t for suthern rail. If you live near the station and time it right and the trains are running then in theory the train to victoria won.t be too much longer than a bus journey from sayyyyy Portslade to Patcham


But it’ll be expensive! And also you probably wont save all that much money living in Brighton.


Sounds nicer than the London to Birmingham commute (which injected a lot of misery in my life when I was at uni).


Some friends who live in Croydon are having a nightmare getting to work in London at the moment due to Southern. I’d imagine Brighton would be hellish.

But when Southern were good it would have been easy and straightforward.


Yeah Brighton has recently gone up in price again and is pretty much London prices.


My TV did it for a year or so. It totally wore her out. The low point was the day when she got home only to discover she’d left her keys on her desk, so had to go back to London to get them.


[Yes I would have taken one of the other obvious alternative options too…]