The Brit Awards 2021

Guessing they are all going to The Kooks day at All Points East.


Stormzy is always good value isn’t he, really makes an effort, seemed to do about 16 songs in 5 minutes.

Why did Foals win? Best group category has really lost its way hasn’t it, bring back Travis.

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Feel like a lot of stuff is happening for Foals by default for being the last indie band standing


you’re forgetting The 1975 who managed to get Band of the Decade from the NME.

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They are quite popular and their albums get acclaim (OK the Brits would only care about that first part) - anyway it’s the Brit Awards nobody remembers who wins the awards anyway

What were the Faces like? Any good or utterly awful?

Never thought I would say it, but quite a credible Brits with some decent winners (Dave, Tyler etc) and some decent performances (especially Dave, who was amazing). Might need a lie down after typing that.

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Why were the Faces playing? They last reunited for the Brit Awards in…1993!

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Googling it just now. Annie Lennox won best female and best album in 1993.

A fantastic year.

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Dave was something eh. Can’t believe he’s only 21

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Is this tonight? Fingers crossed for Annie Lennox.


Kate Bush all the way.

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It is tonight! I only know that because Greg James mentioned it on radio 1 this morning. Here’s what I remember:

  • JACK WHITEHALL is presenting!
  • COLDPLAY are opening the show, possibly performing their okayish new MAX MARTIN co-written single!
  • DUA LIPA will perform!
  • KEY WORKERS will make up some of the 5,000-strong audience!
  • ITV will be screening the ceremony at 8pm!

I’m afraid I can’t remember/Greg James didn’t mention what else is happening. I won’t be watching as my telly isn’t working properly. I’m excited for it though.

Should we list the categories and nominees and vote for the winners as a bit of fun

  • Yes
  • No

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Voted yes but I absolutely accept that I won’t have heard of at least 60% of the nominees.

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We could always put a joke answer or a ‘who?’ option tbh

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RON votes have to be legally binding on the BRIT Committee tho

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Fuck me Coldplay are even worse now… :dizzy_face:

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