The Bronx


Probably the best live experience I’ve ever had, however many times I’ve seen them. I’m not really one for dancing, but something about this band gets me going every time. They’ve just released this live album. Fucking great:


Sweet, will check out I :heart: The Bronx.

Aye, every time I’ve seen them they’ve been an absolute force of nature. Even at Sonisphere few years back they ripped the tent apart, incredible energy. Lost count of how many times I’ve screamed “YYYYYEEEEAAAAHHHHHH!!!” at the beginning of Heart Attack American.


Oh shit! This sounds great - v glad it opens with Heart Attack American (and is on Spotify).

Brilliant spot - you just made my day.

Obligatory memory of how I found The Bronx. They were supporting (I think pre start something) Lostprophets and I bought the album, was physically afraid of its power. Obviously they blew my (then favourite) band off the stage and I never looked back. Bonus points for the mariachi stuff.


Find them nowhere near as exciting as you guya do

Enjoyed the debut, never had much urge to delve deep into their other stuff. Theyre pretty good live but not that exhilarating


I like you TKC, but you’re bloody wrong on this one.


:(, tbf last time I saw them it was on a tour with Rolo Tomassi and Fucked Up, and FUcked Up sole it


that Sonisphere set was great. Most of my friends missed it in favour of Alice In Chains. A poor decision!


:smiley: Aye, reckon that’s the last time I’ve seen them as well.

Decent setlist (White Tar!)

Yeah, half my crew went to see Alice in Chains instead, the fools.


That first record is a full on 10 on 10. Still sounds great…


yeah I was never really a fan of anything other than the debut (Mariachi stuff aside, which is great)

debut is fucking great though. and yeah really solid live band. especially when I saw them do a Mariachi set at midnight in the Brudenell in 2010 :grin:


Rarely find myself listening to them these days, but they remain reassuringly blistering live. Looks like they’re back at the Brooklyn Bowl on October the 7th with GBH!


They’ve just released this, from their other side-project The Drips. I fucking love that album. Never heard any live stuff before:


Oh sweet! At first I thought it was new Drips material, but live will do.

Fact: I saw them about 10 years ago in the Garage playing to about 7 people. They were brilliant. Met Matt before the gig as well, lovely chap.